Thursday, 24 March 2011

Crush Crushed

Thursday, March 24, 2011 By , , 8 comments

It was the first lunch time in my new school. I was excited to join new people but taking lunch on a sunny day that too in the ground, lowered my enthusiasm a bit. Anyways, I came out; saw huge crowd. Finding a place was almost like 'seeking a pin in sand-dunes'. However, we completed that stuff and started towards the class. On the way, a beautiful girl caught my eye sight. Her gleaming eyes, fair texture and what not ?, made me blissful.
"Ah ! What could have been a better start than this", i thought.

Next day in the assembly, I again noticed her. Perfectly dressed and with a french plait, she wasn't less than a fairy. I got a crush upon her. Now every-time I found a chance, I never missed to get her view.

The days passed by, with increasing contacts I gotta know more about her. Soon the day came when we finally conversed. And I found, not only she was gorgeous but also had a melodious voice. Now I was completely trapped.

Some more days passed, more conversation happened and my crush too grew along with it...
One day I finally thought of confessing my heart's feelings to her. I had an ISO certified plan to carry the message from my heart to her. 

I moved across the corridor. Founding few people in her class, I stepped in...

And there I was baffled watching her take lunch with one of my friends.  I quickly grabbed a guy passing by and inquired about the scene going on. And after listening to him, my heart countered apart. My mate was her boyfriend. Hopes were shattered !

I slowly moved out of the room with head down. There was no lunch, no chat and no activity that day for me.  But all I did was wailing. 
There was no relief, just griefs as 'My Crush was Crushed' !!!