Saturday, 26 April 2014

Be Good, But Don’t Do This 1 Thing

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I often see people around me unhappy or depressed even more than the times they are happy. On interrogating about their problem, I have come across different sort of reasons that makes them gloomy.

Please do!

Here, I won’t be putting up the list of reasons that make people sad, as that would be pretty lame and seem to be endless in a way! But, I will tell 1 reason that makes most of the people unhappy. By the way, it is my perspective and you are not entitled to agree. However, do care to read till the end to find about the reason and a solution to it. May be, this post will bring up the jolly-you out! Who knows?

Everybody is good at heart (if not every time, then at least, some of the time), believe it or not. But, sometimes we want to hear it from people (read: a lot of people) that they find us to be a good person. That statement, though small, but has the power to make our day. It can also bring us back from doldrums. In short, it can change the picture of our life for a few hours or a day or two (depends).

You Are Truly Amazing The Way You Are!

However, on the process of forming a good-guy image compels us to do a lot of stuffs for countless number of people. And that thing my friend, doesn’t always pay back well. Sometimes there is not even a mere thank you. Other sweet gestures are way too much to contemplate about. And, this eventually turns out to be the reason for us being downcast.

We know we are good (believe me) but what goes wrong is that we try to prove it to everybody out there, which is not a great thing to do. We need to understand that in life we can’t make everyone happy. We need to stand on our grounds and be what we are and do what we like, if inner-peace is what we are looking forward to.


So, there is no need to portray what we are not for mere plaudits which are not durable. Instead, we should be what we actually are and have a little patience, then the most appropriate people will automatically come into our lives. That way, we won’t have to chase people and eventually make ourselves doleful. 

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Birthday Fella :)

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My best wishes for an incredibly joyous day filled with lots of laughter and birthday cake. 
Happy Birthday Kamal :)
Treat awaits now :D

Thursday, 17 April 2014


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Yesterday evening, while crossing a square, I was luckily saved from crashing down to another vehicle because of a guy who thought he was playing GTA on a public road! Thank GOD, I got saved in spite of not having CEAT tires on my vehicle!

Well, this is not the end. A week ago, while returning from the 5th day’s 3rd show of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (read: Captain America: Maha Dabangg), another accident took place right in front of me (for the first time). 3 guys on a Suzuki Access, 125cc scooter (I want money for all these advertisements now) came rushing and hit on a guy who was on a bicycle! Wish I could run down to those bastards and beat the shit out of them who escaped the scene immediately. I wish! However, I helped the victim get back his senses and reassemble his almost rickety bicycle which itself seemed to have gone into a shock!

Anyway, I’m not here to advertise the brands and to tell the stories of accidents. Instead, I’m here to point to a very serious problem that we all are facing in our day-to-day life. The problem of ‘Teez-Daudti-Gaadiyan’ which are driven by non-other than ‘Mai-Ke-Laal-Show-Makers(Hindi version of Michael Schumacher) who seem to be in a competition of sending people (read: totally innocent people) to hospital.

I don’t understand why people drive so fast? If they can’t reach late, then better start early! It is good to end where you wished to than ending up at a hospital. Or in worst cases, make somebody else reach to a hospital! So, pace up with your home activities and start early to reach safely. This will save a lot of people, including you, from getting injured, trust me.

Batao na?
The other segment of people who drive fast because they think that people (especially, girls) are wishing to see them rush the guts out of their vehicle! Nobody is waiting for anybody, so dheere chala le miya. Ghar pohochna hai ki nahi? And, also keep this thing in mind, speed thrills but kills! Kills you, not the girls in a different sense! So, drive slowly “Valentino Rossi”.

The conclusion is just that there are a lot of people, including me, who want to come back home safely, every day. So, please calm down you stunt-guy-from-fast-and-the-furious and slow down your freaking vehicle for the love of GOD.

P.S: I don’t know if you are aware or not, but Michael Schumacher who was in coma because of an accident that took place last year, has finally shown small signs of progress. I wish he recovers soon. Please Pray for him!

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Monday, 7 April 2014


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That feels ;_;

Everybody falls in love now and then, but only a few starts with a relationship successfully! After that they spend a lot of time together, cherish some incredible memories and do a hell lot of things (few of which can’t be mentioned over here). But, someday, somehow, things fall apart and they break-up.
Break-up, unlike its name, is very difficult to deal with until people find the right support from somewhere (like, this post). There are many things to deal with after the unwanted scenario which need patience, mind-set and what not? Everything seems less!
So, here are 6 quick tips to help people move on after a break up:

Accept that the relationship has come to an end:
This is the hardest but most important step in letting go of a past relationship. Accepting things is a form of closure which shouldn’t be deliberately avoided by keeping false hopes alive! So, go on and tell yourself about the harsh reality. At first, it will be difficult, but eventually, this will mark as the beginning of a whole new person in you.

Catch up with your social life:
Most people tend to detach themselves from their social life after a break-up. They forget that there are a lot of other people apart from their partner. And, this is a big mistake that they commit. So, you are intelligent enough not to walk on the same line and hurt yourself over and over again by being in solitude. Thus, walk out, catch up with your friends, relatives or anybody who cheers you up, and trust me, you will be delighted.


Don’t Internet stalk your ex:
Internet is a by all and end all thing for almost everybody now-a-days. And, right after a break up, it is a great source to escape from the reality. However, people do this mistake of checking out (read: stalk) their partner’s Facebook profile or any other social profiles. Reading their posts can also keep you stuck in false hopes. Do not do this, as it will hurt just 1 person whom you love the most i.e. you!

Don’t fall for ‘Just friends’ theory:
Going for ‘just friends’ with your ex is a form of investment which will ultimately send you to doldrums. So, frankly, do not go for it. It never works, as either of the 2 people always have some feelings left for the other person.

Destroy their photographs, gifts etc.:
Yes! Take some lessons from Jab We Met and apply it in your own life. This will actually help. The time you will do it will be the most difficult one, but once you are done with it, hell yeah, you gonna come out fresh! So, do not skip this point at any cost.


Don’t go for another relationship:
This is the biggest blunder people commit after a break-up, of going for another relationship in order to move on with their past life. It hardly works. If it was simply that easy, no one would ever need to read an article about letting go and moving on from a relationship that’s ended.

Time heels everything. So, keep patience and let things come back to normal. And, you will be amazed to see that with the time and space you’ve allowed yourself, you’ll be able to better understand if this new relationship is one that will be healthy and positive.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014


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It is the day, provided we know the date and its significance, when we try to play a prank on everybody around us and hope to succeed with it. And, on this ironically ‘auspicious’ day, I remember a prank I once played on one of my friend.

It was 2009, and I was pretty much bored with the traditional, ‘See-there’s-a-plane’ trick. Important to mention, watching a plane on those days were a great thing for any kid! Anyway, so, I had to do something extraordinary without getting beaten up in the end, which was difficult though! Then, out of nowhere the master plan hit my mind. May be, the ‘Sona Chandi Chyawanprash’ showed its effect that day, for the first time!

So, I went to my friend’s place and somehow convinced him to play GTA (Grant Theft Auto) (Google it), on his computer. He switched on his machine and as soon as it completed loading, I asked for a glass of water. So, he went to do the needful and meanwhile, I started with the ‘Mojo-jo-jo’ plan.

I quickly took the screen shot of his desktop and made a wallpaper of it through paint (Google it too, if you are not aware; as it isn’t a tech-blog). Then, I deleted all the icons from his desktop (Note: Not permanently, as that would have been too harsh on him and later on my ass) and set that as the wallpaper. By the time he returned, I was done with the set-up. Yay, I said to myself!

He occupied his seat and clicked on the GTA shortcut on his desktop. It didn’t work (why would it?). He then tried a couple of more shortcuts in vain. Thereafter, he became gloomy and was at the verge of wetting his pants, and then, I just couldn’t control my laughter anymore. I started laughing like ‘Joker’ from Batman and he looked at me just how a sheep would look at the butcher.

After that, I recited the regular, ‘April fool banaya, bada maza aaya’ line some uncountable times, and, eventually fixed everything. I also remember, there was a terrible pain down the private parts that day while walking back home. But, I tell you, it was worth it.

Words of wisdom: Do wear guards (especially, abdo guard) the next time you wish to play a prank. It will help retain something really important.

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