Sunday, 19 October 2014

An experiment with fate

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It is my first experiment with posting on this blog through my cell phone. The reason behind it is just not confined within the experimental boundaries, but extend to reveal my ever green curiosity to express my thoughts (sometimes even weird).

Anyway, let me tell you the reason why I wrote this post?

It was almost midnight when I made up my mind to pen it down. By the way, I've my way of revealing things that mostly resembles to that of the news channels. Important part strikes later. But, with that being said, ain't giving you permission to skip to the last part of this post (in Bane's voice). So, stick around....please! 

Anyway, that time I was listening to Ninidya Re (good song; recommended) and just gazing at the screen of my cellphone wondering about a lot of things, which I'm very sure a lot of people definitely do right before they go to sleep.

However, out of all those countless thoughts, 1 thing entitled me to write this post. And the thing was, I realized that the more you run behind what you want in life, faraway it goes.

I won't tell you how did I infer this conclusion, but 1 thing I would definitely want you to do. Firstly, find out a thing that you have been desperately trying to get since a long time but somehow it has remained aloof.

Now, once done with the first step, try to think as less about that thing. Just avoid thinking about it as much as possible.

With time, it might happen that you forget about that thing; Not kidding! And, suddenly 1 day, out of the blue, that wish might come true and you would be tongue-tight and elated, both at the same time.

However, in spite of everything being said and done, please do not apply this thing for educational goals. Reason being, for that 1 thing, there are no shortcuts. You will have to work hard to achieve goals associated with it.

But, for everything else, this thing might come as a surprise to you. Happy experimentation!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Big Billion Day by Flipkart

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I couldn’t control the fervor to write on 'The Big Billion Day' conducted by Flipkart: The Online MegaStore. Would I be paid for the promotion?

My say!

Anyway, the people were expressing their opinion with zest, so I thought to raise my voice too; not in support and certainly not agin, but just to convey my experience.

So, starting from the point when I actually took notice of this bumper sale; the time was 9.30 in the morning. I was flipping the new paper from page to page skimming through the matter given under the broadest and boldest titles.

Finally, after 5mins (yes, 5mins!), I reached till the end where the advertisement for this sale was given. There was no chance that I would miss that out. Reason being, it looked fancy and I personally am very fond of such things.

So, I started to check out the deals and hallelujah, I saw Samsung Galaxy Tab for Rs 1300 something (if not mistaken). My eyes took a roll inside. I was bewildered. Thus, just to be sure, I knocked my head and read it again. It was real. I wasn’t dreaming.

Thereafter, I read more and found that the deals were amazing. Literally! You just can’t deny this thing, especially for the electronics segment. I don’t want to comment on anything else. That would unnecessarily shift the topic.

Anyway, I went through each and every deal, gave a prudent thought about it for a few seconds and then went on to announce this thing to my mom. She, after I finished, yawned and finally said that it is only a marketing gimmickry. I shouldn’t pay attention to that, she added.

Some of the tweets during the Big Billion Day

That discouraged me a little, but then, since curiosity resides in me, so, I went to switch on the computer to check out the sale. After those long 5minutes (old pc), I was gazing at the home page of Flipkart.

Am I in heaven? I said to myself. The deals made me speechless (I was already penniless though). Somebody has hacked into Flipkart, I thought. But, whatever be the reason, I called my mom to see it.

She, like I expected, was tongue-tied. I sneered and said, wasn’t I telling the truth to you. She didn’t say anything and that meant my victory.

However, after that, I suggested her to buy a new cellphone (a smartphone) because that is what the trend is. Her old Nokia phone has been serving since the time of Akbar and still shows full battery even after 2 days of continuous usage; terrific, right? But it should retire.

She nodded. The signal was given and I went on to do the thing that is my forte; exploration. I searched from tip to toe of the entire website. Sadly, the best deal of Nokia 525 for 910 (something) was already out of stock. So, I had to look for another same kind of deal.

All that in mind, added with, my mom had no prior experience of using a smartphone, I came up with Nokia 520 for Rs 4999. She agreed, as expected, and thereafter the marathon for buying that phone began.

I quickly logged into my account and pressed the Buy Now tab. It worked, the phone was on my cart and the excitement grew.

Then, I went ahead and clicked to see my cart, which shockingly was empty. I didn’t expect that; literally. It has never happened with me, ever, on any site whatsoever. But, then, it wasn’t any other normal day too, I thought.

So, I repeated the process, wishing to get lucky, keeping intact my sentiments. It didn’t work for the 2nd time in the row. Wow, it sure was a surprise day rather than anything else. But, then, patience was something worth keeping that time.

I kept trying for another 10mins, not giving up at all. I never was so enthusiastic in my life before, except for playing sports. And, that made me go on and on.

Finally, the moment arrived. Flopkart actually turned to be a Flipkart sale for me (for mom actually). I bagged the phone. I won the fight. I felt like Hulk. May be, Batman. Or, add any superhero of your choice. These are some among my favorites.

It felt outstanding. The experience was ultimately good, because I bagged something from the sale. Though, I wished to buy a 2 TB hard disk, a pen drive for Rs 1 too, but all that went missing far before I got the smell of it. Otherwise, you know the beast in me.
By the way, my birthday is coming very soon; precisely, on 22nd October. So, if you want to gift me something, then, I suppose, I have given a very lucid idea above. I would be waiting.
*Yeah, I’m shameless. Thank you*

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Happy Birthday brother

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Happy birthday Shourya :)
May GOD bless you with adventure, fun and more pizzas in life with diet coke for free. :D
Bdw, why am I wishing you here?
Simple because calling is too mainstream ;)

I know that is a bad picture :P

P.S: For the people who just knew his name, here is the Bruce Wayne!