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A Distinct Love Story- Part 2

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Sahil didn’t want her to go but the die was going to be cast. It was doomed to happen. But, as a silver lining, he had his last chance of meeting her at the airport the day after tomorrow. He wouldn’t want to lose it at any cost.

The day comes and he gets ready for, may be, the last meet. Preoccupied with a lot of thoughts and of course a token of memory-cum gift, he starts his vehicle and drives off for the airport which was a 1hour drive from his home. He was nostalgic as to what would happen next. What he will do when she leaves? Why he isn’t her boyfriend? Will she miss him? How will he react watching her boyfriend at the airport? And many such questions cross his mind.

Neither the traffic nor his inner-peace was at ease. The time was ticking and his anxiety as well. Still there was about 10kms to cover with 15mins in hand. Eventually, when the road seemed to help a little, he rushed his car. Some motivation started to kick-in but then suddenly, a huge crowd catches his attention, at the roadside. He stops his vehicle to check out the matter. A sheer burst of emotions takes over him when he sees an old man lying there, counting the last few mins of his life. And shockingly, nobody was helping. At that moment of truth, he gets caught in the dilemma whether meeting his dream-girl or saving this old man’s life was a priority. Both of the things mattered to him, as apart from a concerned lover, he was also a social worker.

He then, takes a deep breath and a drop of tear rolls down his cheek while he lifts the old man to place him in his car. The tear explains it all. He chose to help a life revive back rather than relishing the last few mins of meeting with his crush. The very thought of shutting down every plan of meeting your crush, possibly for the last time, was exceptionally damaging. Still, he had to keep calm and do the indispensable job.

On his way to the hospital, his eyes never even came closer to being dry. He was deeply hurt and that showed well on his face. For 1 last time he lifted his cell phone to dial her number. Sadly, her number was switched off and so were his last-hopes of hearing her voice and telling her that he loves her. In plain frustration, he turns off his cell phone.

On the other side, Nikita had a tough time as well. Neither her boyfriend nor Sahil showed up at the airport. She missed Sahil more than her brat-boyfriend. The reason was simple, since the 2 of them have met, it has been Sahil who had taken care of her, listened to her immensely boring stories about her boyfriend and what not? He deserved at least this much of remembrance and he was getting it, with the snag that he wasn’t aware about it.  

Lastly, she took her dad’s cell to call Sahil to check his status for the last time. She hangs up with a plain sad face hearing that his cell is switched off. It appeared as if the entire universe conspired in not to make the 2 of them have that last conversation.
Furthermore, the old man gets the treatment at the right time and the entire credit went to Sahil for his brave decision.

This story is a romantic tragedy, but it certainly presents some sound conclusions, which are as follows:

-          One shouldn’t go blind in love. Theek he bhai, pyaar mohabbat he but the reality should always be kept in mind along with the corresponding consequences before making even the slightest move.

-          Are you in love with someone? Then go tell them about it. Utilize the next opportunity that you get, as, life is truly unpredictable and you might not get another chance to say those 3 words to your beloved one.

-          Many love stories don’t have a happy ending. Supposedly, the reason is that, the 2 people weren’t meant for each other. But one shouldn’t be sad about it. Instead, be cheerful because there is somebody, that 1 person, who is just for you because you are special. Believe it. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Why Do We Celebrate Independence Day?

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It was the 67th Independence Day of India and I was at K.A.S.H.T.I (A group of youths working towards the betterment of society through education), celebrating with the kids. Factually, there was no class that day, so the kids were playing, laughing and what not? In short, they were extremely cheerful.  But, the bliss increased many folds when they came to know that we gonna dispense sweets, specifically, boondi to them.

However, we (other volunteers of K.A.S.H.T.I) decided to render a little information about the importance of that day to them. So, consequently, we gave them a very lucid idea about why we celebrate Independence Day. Through their expressions, one could have easily guessed that they understood everything from tip-to-toe. We were delighted. Perhaps, they were too.

Now, came the time, when the sweets were to be distributed, so we made them sit on a platform and started distributing sequentially from left to right.

The kids were overjoyed who got the perk and the others were patient enough to receive their part.

Ankeeta Shrivastava photography
When I reached to this little kid, just to check whether she still remember what we told them about the Independence Day, I asked her:

‘Mujhe aap batao ki hum Independence Day kyun manate he? (Tell me, why do we celebrate Independence Day?) and also added, ‘Aap agar sahi answer doge, to me aapko 2 boondi ke packet dunga’ (If you will give the correct answer, then I will give you 2 packets of Boondi) and smiled in anticipation of a correct answer.

She got a little jittery. I kept waiting with a curve fixed on my face. Finally, after a few secs, she looked into my eyes and with the sweetest-endearing smile that any kid can ever show; she replied, ‘Boondi ke liye’ (For sweets).

I grinned and handed her 2 packets of sweets which were certainly not as sweet as her answer combined with the mesmerizing smile. After that, she stood on her legs, came a little closer to me and hugged.

I lifted her up with a feeling-loved-expression and gave her another packet of Boondi.

Truly, it was the 15th AWWWGUST and undoubtedly, we celebrate this day for having free sweets :D

Monday, 19 August 2013

A Distinct Love Story- Part 1

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There was this guy named Sahil; an ambivert, not-so-handsome, dreamer and possessing a relationship-single status. His life was like a roller-coaster with numerous ups and downs. Moreover, adding to his fact-profile, he was way more mature than the person much above his age group.

His life was nothing but a loop of waking-up, surviving, Facebook, sleeping and waking up again. He has gone through a variety of relationships, had met a lot of amazing people and ignored the ones who wanted him to change according to their choice.  

One fine day in his loop cycle, he meets a girl while surviving the day. Her name was Nikita, she was a year junior, a little shorter than him, fair, extremely pretty; In short, a nymph. Their eyes meet, it was obvious, as she had some work with him. But, out of this sheer obviousness, Sahil was completely taken by her aura, precisely, the ultra-charming fairy!

Later that night, he searches the girl on Facebook, finds her successfully and presses the ‘send friends request’ tab. Expectations rise to the sky when after 2 days long wait she accepts his request.
‘Phew, finally the Facebook-friends’, he sighs, contemplating about a lot of impossible future events.

Unlike every other boy-girl love stories, this was a little different. They actually neither could talk much in real life nor in the social world. The girl hardly showed-up in either of the 2 places. So, sadly, the beginning of the conversation and becoming friends took a little more time than usual. But, patience paid off, they were friends. Sahil was delighted.

One day he gets to know that the girl is in a relationship but this doesn’t change anything in him. He was still that sweet, that head-eating creature. All he ever wanted was to be her friend, maybe he wished for a little more, but clearly, he wasn’t obsessed with that dream.

The story went ahead and good. He gradually got a little addicted to her and adding to his happiness, she enjoyed his company as well. But, it was him, who had to make efforts for everything. She had more that queen-Elizabeth-type attitude (no offense), as she already had someone to care, apart from Sahil. Many a times, she had left the chat without any prior information and he ended up waiting for hours, in vain. Although, she used to apologize the next time she comes online after a week or so, but the damage was done, a mere sorry couldn’t mend it. Nothing possibly could. But, in spite of all this, Sahil was happy, though  a little disappointed but happy.

Everything seemed to be fine when 1 bad day she conveys the message to him that she is going abroad for higher studies and that she might not remain in touch as often as she used to be. May be not at all.

For Sahil, it was way too more than a nightmare. He would be left alone, shattered, not having a talk with her was definitely going to affect him severely. His condition was undoubtedly going to be more like a drug addict who goes to rehab when he doesn’t want to.

So, what will happen next? Will he devastate himself in her memories? Or will he confess his love to her? Find out in the next part which will come out VERY soon :)
Plus, for the people who are waiting for CHAPTER 5: Math-Rina- The Hurricane, the sequel to CHAPTER 4: PHYSICS, please keep a little more patience :) 

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Friday, 9 August 2013


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Gone are the days when people used to do things because they actually had a crave for it. Now, it’s all a ‘sheep walk’.  Join the crowd and there will be people to answer on your behalf. Great! Isn’t? Everybody is up to something which they aren’t sure of having an interest in.

Precisely, I will focus on Engineering in this article-cum-eye-opener. The picture below shows an up-to-date number of Engineering colleges, state wise.

 5672! Mother of colleges! Seriously! However, the question is NOT that the colleges are increasing at an alarming rate BUT are all these colleges providing QUALITY education?  Are they genuinely making REAL Engineers? Or are the college-owners ONLY up to making money? And many such questions are queued-up.

The following  comic-strips will totally describe the credibility of an Engineer in today’s life. And, perhaps, they will answer a lot of the above questions, may be, all the questions.

Although, the comic strips set a curve on our faces, but isn’t it dismal to know the situation we are dealing with? Of course, it is. I just wish, people realize what they are good at and form their career on it rather than being a carbon-copy. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013


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The Last Day was full of a struggle with one’s own mind, body and what not? Just name it!

So, here I was sitting nervously at the exam center watching at the Physics paper which seemed to be mocking over me, ‘Le, aa gya me teri lene.’

15mins for reading the question paper and making the plan-for-a-safe-rescue started ticking. I anxiously moved on to the last page containing those 6 marks questions which I prepared quite nicely (at least I had that assumption).

‘Hallelujah! I know this question’, I said to myself with sheer disbelief! It was from Electronic Devices which I prepared tremendously well. Hard work on that very chapter paid off, I thought.

Likewise, I moved on to the next question and felt almost the same like the last one. ‘Thank you GOD’, I chanted within. Delighted. But, also I was utterly shocked over the choice of questions which the CBSE board people had put; I knew them all, actually, till then, just 2. But, acha to lagta hi he.

Phew… Same way I skimmed over the entire paper, filled up the requisite details and also planned my strategy on how I have to tackle it, within 15mins. In fact, no strategy existed, bas bolne ki cheez he.

Finally, I initiated answering from the last question having maximum marks weightage, in the best way possible and with the best font-style available to me from a newly bought pen.

Indeed, it is used to be in childhood that naya pen to lena hi he, NO matter whether we are acquainted with the answers or not. Pen naya hona chahiye!

Apparently, I got carried away and went on writing about 8 pages for that answer. Yes, 8 pages! Answer banta tha yaar!

As a matter of fact, it ALWAYS happens with almost every student that the 1st answer takes the most time to complete. I don’t know what sort of sorcery or what is the reason behind it, but by default, 1st answer is the longest and the most time consuming one.

Anyway, back to the scene, question number 30 was finished and I gave a sigh of relief. 6 marks instantly flashed in my mind. Truly, it was a blissful moment. Prayers were showing the effects.

Thereafter, I turned to question number 29 and solved it with a champ-like-expression, but then only I realized that I made a major mistake in it. It was a tricky question, similar to those given in the extra-knowledge section of every other guide.

I moved on to the next question following my little rule:
‘No matter what happens to your last answer, keep moving. Exam is a battle. For God’s sake please survive.’

The tension could be easily seen on my face. The happiness of the 30th question, successfully solved, vanished. Consequently, I started with the next question, this time I knew the question but NOT the answer. Oh GOD why?
Following my rule, I attempted the next 6 questions, not-giving-a-fuck whether I did correctly or not.

I could have easily panicked because of 1 obvious reason i.e. THE PAPER WAS GETTING SCREWED, but I kept calm and went on answering the next 12 questions putting every possible logic and brain and whatever I had in that little tissue. The only motive was to finish it on time and of course, attempt all the 30 questions. Plus, answering it to the level of complacency of the examiner or at least copy down the same question if the solution is totally unknown, was the priority.

Ultimately, I had 11 questions and 10mins. So unfairBut, since I was so desperate with my aim, as mentioned above, I went on writing whatever shit came in my mind. Whatever.

The writing speed was faster than Brett Lee’s bowling pace.

Suddenly, ‘You have 5mins more’, said the examiner who seemed to be more interested in leaving the room than the students.

He had his reasons, I can understand. Who on God’s great Earth would like to be in a silent room surviving boredom for 3 hours straight that too with so many students-cum-warriors? No one!

I shifted the gear and jotted the answer sheet with something which was difficult to read. I felt sorry for the copy checker. Instead, he will be sorry for me, I thought.

‘Your time is over. STOP WRITING NOW’, the examiner startled all of us with his voice along with the message; especially me. His voice resembled to that of an angry Sunny Deol ji, so powerful that it would make you shit in your pants, if you hear it abruptly. Fortunately, I hadn’t had anything for 12 hours that day. May GOD bless my roommates’ washing machine!

As a result, I stopped writing immediately; actually, I was done a few secs before that hila-deni-wali voice came.

The last few mins of the exam are the smallest mins in everyone’s life. Sach me.

Finally, the battle was over, it was finished and perhaps, I was doomed!

‘How did it go?’, one or the other person inquired.
‘Just went’, I responded to each one of them fighting the dilemma within over the same question.

Ultimately, I was on the vehicle heading back home, hoping I don’t have to answer too many questions after reaching there.

I was looking forward to the upcoming hurricane of Maths; Math-rina!

Face it on the next post.