Friday, 24 August 2018

The Little Things in Life

Friday, August 24, 2018 By

We always try to keep the people we love as happy as possible. And often for this we keep thinking of what they need? Perhaps, a nice leather jacket or maybe an expensive handbag. We think of such numerous things that would really jell-up the other person.

Our imagination and the efforts leave no stones unturned in thinking about the ways and stuffs that we can just provide to keep things light and happy. Because we care so much, we attach this care and love with materialistic things.

Quite often it works like a charm. It may work 1 time, 2 time, plenty more times, BUT, there will be a limit to it. And after that limit reaches, and the person we care about seems no more interested and happy with whatever things we buy for them, it leaves us into thinking what exactly went wrong all the way through.

The thought of them being unhappy because of us really keeps us on the edge of everything. The feeling is so terrible that we loose to even ponder about the entire situation.

However, we fail to notice that the little things matter a lot in life. Much more than sheer gifts and goodies.

Do not believe me? Try giving your girlfriend a rose on her birthday. Or write her a love letter. Or maybe, try surprising her with a little meal cooked by you.

Tell me if she would be unhappy even after this. Perhaps, these little things would make a much more impact that those gifts.

Because those gifts can be thrown away. But how can someone throw a memory which has touched the person so deep.

How come I know all this? Experience. I missed giving my gf the thing that she cares the most about on her birthday: a story written by me.

It is not that I didn't try writing one. But we writers know that until something doesn't feel right to us, we do not go with it. We need to be 100% sure of what we put across is coming right through our minds and is not conditional or done under pressure.

I couldn't come up with something ideal, ideal from my perspective. And I skipped writing anything for her altogether. And I thought to compensate all of it through gifts and stuffs. It didn't work out and she is angry.

So, never, ever, ever do anything like that. Pull such stunts only at your own risk.

At the end, I only have this thing to say that I hope she forgives me and that I would always remember to keep the little things on priority as those matters the most.

Happy Birthday to her. :)