Thursday, 31 October 2013

DD's Birthday :)

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DISCLAIMER: If you are thinking that this post is about Dexter's Labratory's Dee Dee, then you are absolutely wrong. :P

This post is to wish 'A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to one of the most bubbly, cute and humble person in my life, Ankita DD :P :)

May GOD bless her with immense happiness and success. Also, unka Internet connection chalta rahe, chalta rahe... :D
Life ekdum 'phaadu' ho :D :P
Baaki jo bhi wo wish kare, dish kare...sab mile ;) :P
Amen! O:)

Friday, 25 October 2013

1st Photo Blogging

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


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I had my birthday yesterday (i.e. 22nd October) which went pretty awesome and here I’am to say thanks to everyone who wished me. Although, Facebook wasn’t a bad place to show my gratitude to them but since it is too mainstream to post every happenings over there so here I’m for a change J

First of all, thank you mom and dad for everything you have done for me J

Undoubtedly, it is great to have friends in life who no matter what happens will be ready to kick your ass on your birthday right outside your own house! Lucky Me J But unlucky my butt :D

Thank you Meshu, Lohiya, Shailu, Shalini, Parikshit, Nishita, Rahul, Nupur, Shivangi and Supriya for the gift and cake. I just loved it :P Also, dhanywaad for that greeting card (Kya poems thi :P Khush ho gya ha me itni bejjati  jheel ke :’D)
But, above everything, am extremely glad that you guys were there for the celebration J #delighted

Now, last BUT certainly not the least, the people who had an equal hand in amplifying my happiness yesterday; thank you Jaideep, Deepti, Rohit, Kaveri, Narayan, Amish, Shubham, Navendu, Shreya, Prateek, Samriddhi, Anindiya, Shrikant, Sudhanshu, Anubha, Sakhi, Heena , Ruchi, Anusha ma’am, Roopal ma’am, Kshitij sir, Ankita DD, Soumya, Saransh Sir, Saumya, Namita ma’am, Janhavee, Ankeeta, Shoiba, Shweta, Priyanka,Pankaj, Aishwariya,  Sourabh, Yagnesh, Kavi bhai, Shruti ma’am,Anju, Kuhu Di, Ananya and Shourya for your birthday wishes J

In case, I’ve missed anybody’s name then mujhe Ghajini samajh ke maaf dena :D :P 

Saturday, 19 October 2013


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“Relationships are never bad, people are”

 “Being in a relationship is a full time job, so don’t apply if you are not ready”

You will actually encounter ample of such quotes on the web if you happen to search the keyword- ‘Relationships’.  So, are relationships bad? Of course NOT. Then, are they good? The answer is still the same i.e NO.

Why relationships are not bad?

It is good to be in a relationship, after all you can't blame everything on GOD and Government. Jokes apart, sharing your dreams with someone, having someone that supports those dreams and loves you no matter how cranky, crazy or stupid you could be at times is a great thing. Being able to just be yourself completely with that one person and having that person love you because of who you are is itself euphoric.  Thus, relationships are not bad. Hence Proved. (Correct. 5 marks) :D

But, this does not end here. As, one might object, there are heartbreaks and certainly a risk attached to relationships, so is it still worth going for?

Life is a risk, isn’t it? So are relationships. You didn't stop learning to walk just because you fell down as a kid, did you? No, you cried and you got back up.  That is the way relationships (and even life) goes on. You will get dumped, heart broken, ditched and even the person whom you do love will hurt your feelings frequently. But the difference lies in knowing that you can pick yourself up, you can move on and be a whole new person again, much stronger than you were earlier. Amazing, isn’t?

Anyway, enough of encouragement for the love birds. Now, talking about the practical life situation. Relationships are not bad, I just proved it. But, they are NOT good either if you indulge into one before the right time.

Now, when exactly does that right time comes in anyone’s life? Frankly, when you have a well established career. I know, it is hard NOT to stalk your crush, but this is the game of life my friend. If you want something, you got to sacrifice something in return.

There is a bizarre tendency or fashion, whatever you call it, of making boyfriend/girlfriend, profusely in effect now a days. And shockingly, it is highly observed in teenagers and  adults (of a certain age group).

Text-talk-text for hours and hours, skipping the school/college assignments and abandoning the night's sleep for those worthless Lovy-Dovy talk. Also, wasting the numerous amount of money in cell phone balance, screwing up the result drastically and what not? I can’t mention everything that those people simply relinquish for their beloved ones.

To them, my question is, what do you gain from it? Be pragmatic while answering this question (or at least, ponder about it) but don’t be too frank, as I’m in no mood of knowing the personal details!

On an overall basis, ‘Nothing at all’, right? So, when something is not worth going for, then why are you up to it? Why are you chasing people to eventually end up with a gloomy face? Why are you wasting your time on such elusive things?

Ask these questions to yourself and you will have some really outrageous answers. So, finally, are relationships worth it? Yes, they are, provided you happen to tangle yourself with it at the right time. Until then, stop misusing your precious time, as it is said, “Wasting Time is Robbing Oneself”.

P.S: Share this post to bring back people from the fanciful world they are currently in to the not-so-fancy reality.

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Monday, 7 October 2013


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Tharki, as the Urban Dictionary describes, is referred to ‘a person who is always seduced. He could not control him once he saw any girl even she is married’. In short, a ‘horny bastard’. Well, if somebody is offended with the short definition of ‘Tharki’, then frankly, I don’t give a shit about it BECAUSE when some random people do ‘Tharkipana’ and aren’t ashamed of it later on, then why should I be using decent words to greet them?

Anyway, following are some of the daily life incidences of ‘Tharkipana’ that takes place, undoubtedly, in almost every city. Although, here are just three random scenes but trust me, there are hell lot of other vicious scenarios that takes place every day.

You might be thinking, how unscrupulous somebody can be? Frankly, I don’t have an answer for it. As, the moment I decide the lowest point of wickedness anybody can possess, I get to encounter something that is even more shameful, in subsequent days.

Without any doubt, there might be a lot of questions in our mind after going through the above 3 scenes, which supposedly can be:

1.    How can we minimize ‘Tharkiness’ in India? Yes, minimize! As, terminating it thoroughly isn’t practically possible! This is the appalling reality.
2.    How can ‘Tharki’ people be spotted in real life?
3.    How can we (girls) protect ourselves from them (tharki)?

I asked a few of my girl friends to answer the above questions. The reason was that, they (girls) are the prime victims, so getting their views on it will be fairly beneficial.

The answer for the 1st question that I received was that, we should inculcate moral values in these (tharki) people right since childhood. A wise solution. But, the question that comes up is that will this guarantee that in the future the person won’t get into that stream of eve-teasing and all such anti-women activities? Up to some point we can say ‘Yes’. But, is it the perfect remedy for the problem? Of course, ‘No’.

So, what should we do to teach them (Tharkis) a solid lesson and consequently abate such activities?

We should use force. As it is said, ‘Laato ke bhoot baton se nhi mante’. In the same way, it is highly mandatory to give those people some serious punishment, either by the ‘Janta’ (Public) that too, ‘on-the-spot’ or leave it to the ’Kanoon’. However, a majority will prefer going with the former method to settle the issue i.e. ‘On-spot-thukai’. Otherwise, the victim will only receive ‘Tareekh-Pe-Tareekh’… and no justice whatsoever.

Another valid solution was to make their (Tharki’s) mother and sister (if any) to go through the same scenario. That way they will have a deep sense of realization and this might change their behavior. However, it is practically a lot less possible. Just mere coincidence can make it work.

Moving on to question number 2 i.e. How can ‘Tharki’ people be spotted in real life? Well, it is a really difficult task to do. It is almost like searching your cell phone all around the house which is in silent mode (no vibration either). But, as one of my friends answered, they (girls) can intuit a majority of time by looking on to the guy’s face whether he is a ‘Tharki’ or not. Well, I don’t really know the credibility of this nature’s gift. Still, I definitely wish that it works at the right time.

Lastly, the 3rd and the final question which is, how can girls protect themselves from unscrupulous activities?

Truly, this question really got me into thinking for almost a week but fortunately and surprisingly, I found the answer in one of the most boring places i.e my college. The solution was suggested by My Fm’s RJs who happened to visit my class out of sheer luck.

They (RJ Parul and RJ Prameesh) were there for the promotion and support of the WWF (WOMEN WITHOUT FEAR) initiative which encourage girls to live freely in the society without any sort of fear from anybody.

The remedy that they gave was that the girls have a large ‘invisible’ support from the opposite gender, which can be utilized at the right time to shoo the tharkis away. So, if anybody from next time happens to exhibit any sort of ‘tharkipana’ with you, just feel free to shout at the top of your voice and then leave the rest over the public and enjoy the show.

In the end, please share this post to aware as many people (especially girls) as possible.
Padhega India Tabhi To Badhega India’.

NOTE- If the title of the post has hurt anybody’s feelings then am tremendously sorry for it.