Friday, 31 January 2014

This post will leave you smiling!

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Courtesy: Various sites, like Facebook, Vector Arts etc. Don't sue me please :P

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Happy Republic Day

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Republic Day is a day to remember,
When a thought of freedom was born,
Don’t just take it as a national holiday.
Try something new to improve our country.
Wish you a Happy Republic Day, 2014!! J

Jai Hind!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

How to get motivated during difficult times?

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It won’t be too much to say that if one hasn’t faced difficulties (of any sort, whatsoever) in life, they haven’t really lived at all. So, difficulties are a part and parcel of life and everybody has to deal with it someday. But, facing difficulties alone doesn’t make us a winner, right? One has to overcome the obstacle in order to cherish the moment of triumph. And, this can only happen when we are motivated enough during difficult times.

Clearly, the motivation factor for everybody differs (mostly) from the rest of the people. Here are the quotes that motivates me during tough times:

The quote says it all

                                                So, never give up!

There is always a solution. Chill.

So, be happy that you were on the right path!

What do you choose? 

It sums up everything.

This video is very inspirational and I often watch it during the time when it seems like the battle is lost.

The video clearly justifies that no one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. Just the need is to keep going. After all, losing a fight doesn’t make us a loser, but quitting sure do!

NOTE: "This post was written as part of the Get Motivated Contest on The Eureka Life"

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Thursday, 16 January 2014


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दुखी कर देती हे ये फ़ोटो, हैना ?

श्यामा बाई बहुत ही ग़रीब थी। वह घर-घर जाकर काम किया करती थी ताकि अपने परिवार, जिसमे 1 बारह साल का बच्चा था उसका पालन पोषण कर सके। अपने छोटे से परिवार में वह एकलौती कमाने वाली थी क्यूँकि उसके पति कि मौत हो चुकी थी। वह अपने 12 साल के बच्चे का स्कूल में एडमिशन कराना चाहती थी जिसके लिए वो दिन रात मेहनत करती थी।

एक शाम उसकी तबीयत बहुत ख़राब हो गई। वह काफी पीड़ा में थी जो कि उसके कराहने से साफ़ समझ में आ रहा था, परंतु ईलाज के पैसे नही थे। यह देख उसका बच्चा खेल का बहाना बनाके काम पे निकल जाता है। 3 घंटे बाद जब वो घर लौटता है तो उसके हाथ में कुछ दवाईयाँ तथा खाने का सामन रहता है। वो अपनी माँ को खाना खिला के दवाइयां दे देता है और वो दोनों सो जाते है।

सुबह जब उसके बच्चे कि नींद घर में हो रही खतर-पटर से खुलती है तो वो उससे (श्यामा) बड़ी ही मासूमियत से सवाल करता है।

'इतनी सुबह कहाँ जा रही तो माँ?'

श्यामा कहती हे, 'काम पे जा रही हूँ मेरे लाल, तू सो जा आराम से।'

यह सुनते ही बच्चा तपाक से पूछ्ता है, 'पर आपकी तो तबियत ख़राब है न!'

इसपर श्यामा बाई बात को तौलकर कहती है , 'बेटा, तबियत कभी गरीबों कि ख़राब नही होती है।'

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Saturday, 11 January 2014


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I was spending (rather, wasting) my time on Facebook just like every normal day when I received a message from one of my friends. He wished me a Happy New year and I did the same in return. After that we went through a long conversation which left me blissfully baffled. Here is the most fascinating part of the entire conversation that we (me and my friend) had:

Friend: Bhai, you look like Arvind Kejriwal!

Me: Drunk? :P

Friend: Nhi Bhai, you seriously look like him, trust me!

Now, the shit was getting real and I was into it.

Me: Oh! Ok. Thanks :D But, what’s the point of similarity? We (Arvind ji and Me) are not even close to being identical. Then?

Friend: Mmm… well, appearance isn’t exactly the criteria, but your nature.

Me: How? (Ahaaannn…! Tell me more, please)

Friend: You are a responsible person just like he is. Plus, you also possess the face of a typical Indian men who aren’t good looking but still people are attracted to them somehow because of what they do!

Me:   Oh! I see. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not good looking. -_-  (The ugly truth)
        Anyway, thank you for the compliment. (Wait! People are attracted to me! He sure was drunk)
        So, this is it? (Please tell me more)

Friend: Mmm… Yeah, you are eccentric too!

Me: You made my day brother! (Who says Alcohol is all bad? It does make the other person happy, sometimes!)

Friend: Ok, then, got to go. Urgent. Bubye.

Me: Ok, cya. Tc. (So, no more plaudits? This is it! No, please, tell me more)

Anyway, he left and I kept on wondering the entire day thereafter, contemplating about the bizarre possibilities of any sort of family relationship between Arvind Kejriwal and me.  Possibly, he might be a door ka rishtedar, who knows?!

But, the question is for readers, am I similar (even a bit) to Arvind Kejriwal ji?
(NOTE: Do not consume alcohol before answering this question)

Waiting for some enticing answers (Zyada bezzati mat karna :P )

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Thursday, 9 January 2014


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“No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice.” 

― Rob Liano

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

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I wish a very happy new year to everybody :)
May GOD bless you to accomplish all your goals which you should have done in 2013 because you promised them in 2012 and planned in 2011. :D
Cheers to the new beginning :)

It is just the index, isn't it? :P