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I was spending (rather, wasting) my time on Facebook just like every normal day when I received a message from one of my friends. He wished me a Happy New year and I did the same in return. After that we went through a long conversation which left me blissfully baffled. Here is the most fascinating part of the entire conversation that we (me and my friend) had:

Friend: Bhai, you look like Arvind Kejriwal!

Me: Drunk? :P

Friend: Nhi Bhai, you seriously look like him, trust me!

Now, the shit was getting real and I was into it.

Me: Oh! Ok. Thanks :D But, what’s the point of similarity? We (Arvind ji and Me) are not even close to being identical. Then?

Friend: Mmm… well, appearance isn’t exactly the criteria, but your nature.

Me: How? (Ahaaannn…! Tell me more, please)

Friend: You are a responsible person just like he is. Plus, you also possess the face of a typical Indian men who aren’t good looking but still people are attracted to them somehow because of what they do!

Me:   Oh! I see. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not good looking. -_-  (The ugly truth)
        Anyway, thank you for the compliment. (Wait! People are attracted to me! He sure was drunk)
        So, this is it? (Please tell me more)

Friend: Mmm… Yeah, you are eccentric too!

Me: You made my day brother! (Who says Alcohol is all bad? It does make the other person happy, sometimes!)

Friend: Ok, then, got to go. Urgent. Bubye.

Me: Ok, cya. Tc. (So, no more plaudits? This is it! No, please, tell me more)

Anyway, he left and I kept on wondering the entire day thereafter, contemplating about the bizarre possibilities of any sort of family relationship between Arvind Kejriwal and me.  Possibly, he might be a door ka rishtedar, who knows?!

But, the question is for readers, am I similar (even a bit) to Arvind Kejriwal ji?
(NOTE: Do not consume alcohol before answering this question)

Waiting for some enticing answers (Zyada bezzati mat karna :P )

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  1. LOL :) Such a cool humorous Post! I was smiling all through!
    Actually many of us are like Arvind Kejriwal... as we all are Aam Aadmi or Mango people like him :)
    (Reality! I am a teetotaler)

    1. Hahahaha! That is the best possible answer for me :)
      And, am glad that you liked the post Anita :)
      Keep visiting O:)

  2. Replies
    1. Kyun nhi sir? ;) But, till we actually meet, there is a photo above to help decide the similarity :)
      Keep visiting

  3. lol superb post Varun. thoroughly enjoyed reading.. similarities.. umm.. maybe you both are wearing glasses... B-)
    yea I agree with Anita.. after all we are Mango People :D

    1. Glad to know that you loved this post :)
      And, yeah, the specs are of course a similar factor :P
      Indeed, we all are 'mango' people :D
      Keep visiting :)

  4. Replies
    1. Really? :O Somebody please inform Arvind ji and fix a meeting :D

  5. An interesting post.... Jolly jolly :D
    Short, simple & funny !!

    1. Thank you Garima :)
      Feels good to know that you liked it!
      Keep visiting :)

  6. Definitely not!!!
    I hate Kejriwal a gud for nothing looking for power money and fame, unfortunately he got all that!!! I wonder what happened to the promises he made?
    So unless and until u r a promise breaker u r kejriwal, else hell NO!!!

    1. I'm his fan and of course, I don't really welcome such statements BUT in the end, you have your perception and I have mine :)
      Plus, no comments on political ground, as I avoid switching to it. It brings nothing but altercations!
      Lastly, I don't always promise for anything, that keeps me away from being regretful later on, in case, I don't comply by what I said before.
      Keep visiting :)

  7. Hahah.... Well, do you look like him? Errr... ummmm...... yeah.. I mean.. noo..... I mean.. A little bit.. I mean.. that shouldn't be a matter to anyone of us as long as you are a different person altogether! But the post was too good! :)

    1. I mean, you mean yes! I mean, may be, no.. I mean, did you like this post? I guess, you did! :D
      Keep visiting