Monday, 26 December 2011

Butter Chicken called me. . .

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“The butter chicken is utterly delicious dude. Thanks for the treat,” I said to Parikshit, my mate, dwelling at another chicken piece.

I had skipped my college bus that day and travelled with Parikshit in his rickety, yet spacious bus. I even bluffed my parents saying that, ‘I would be coming home late, as I’ve travelled with my mate till his accommodation because the college bus got punctured.’

If I would have confronted the ‘treat’ thing, instantly my roasted form would have got prepared on the phone itself, as, my parents are strictly against eating out, except on special occasion.

Until we could finish up the stuff, my dad called me thrice. And every time I responded that, ‘I’ll be back in 20 mins.’ We then, quickly paid the bill & went back to his place. From there I left after 10mins, as, it was really getting late. Secondly, my dad had started to sound more serious on phone.

On the bus stop, my dad was standing with, you-are-gone expression.
I sat behind him on the vehicle. He, as already expected, interrogated regarding the current happenings. I continued with my former-set lies. But his reply was a sucker punch which intimidated me completely. I was thoroughly astounded.
He said, ‘We have probed out all the details. Your college bus was never punctured. All your other bus mates have already reached 2 hrs before.’

I then kept silent. The death seemed nearer. The delicious butter chicken seemed mocking upon me, jeering, ‘Aur khale saale’. Pictures of my mom, holding an active bomb to throw upon me, beckoned!

I reached back home and the rebuke-giving-tape, born-fixed within mom automatically played.

I stealthily left the place with an, I’m-sorry expression.

After changing, I came back in the drawing-cum-judgment hall, where sat the two parents-cum-judges & me- the culprit.

‘You have always disgraced us, Anuvin…,’started my dad.
What!!! What have I done now? Just skipped some hours of reaching back home from college & ate a tasty butter chicken, that’s it! Obviously, the hen wasn't our neighbor’s pet! How then I disgraced you? I asked willingly within.

‘He has done something cheesy today. I can bet. Else, why would he go faking a story?’ added my mom.
C’mon now! Carry out a polygraph test right here right now. Moreover, it was the butter chicken who called me. And, who the hell non-vegetarian would deny its call? I responded within.

‘Always since childhood he has remained back from his mates’, said my dad.
Hello dad! Wake up please. I agree my mate ate a piece extra of the delicious chicken but I promise, next time I will dominate him. But your history-concerned statement is entirely wrong. I’ve the legal proofs available, I said assertively to myself, just because, if you are a culprit, then, you are entitled to listen to fake allegations put on you by your parents; being from an Indian family.

I then, finally, realized that my parents have unearthed the grave-in matters of the past; all untrue and ridiculous! So I kept my focus upon the newspaper, containing Manmohan ji’s ‘I-wanna-do-potty-immediately’, expression. Thereafter I left for my room.

There, I again sat contemplating of my doings of that day. I didn’t regret the damn delicious butter chicken, but, my lie. Anyway, ‘the die was cast’. So, Consequently, I decided to take a short nap to reactivate my brain to carry-out my studies. As, this is the ultimate, universally famous master-key to unlock the door of anguish built within one’s parent’s mind.

Anyway, the day was digested & perhaps the butter chicken too. I craved sleep, so slept without much adieu.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Time is Money

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I was sitting at the bus stop. Usually, there is nothing above boredom that one experiences sitting alone. But hallelujah, I got something to watch at.

There were 2 tea vendors, right across the road, just opposite to me. Their stands were marked 1 & 2, respectively. Every basic thing needed to run a 'small income-making' tea shop was matching. Just the 1 thing that made the difference were the presence of customers at the two spots.

The stall holder possessing stall marked 1 had more customers than his opponent. He was a South Indian by looks. And, as everyone know, they are born intelligent or I think so. But, this time, it was something above the 'God- gifted-intelligence'.

I then started dwelling, contemplating what so unique that South Indian guy was doing, as he possessed more customers; In spite of the fact both vendors had everything same on their stalls. Clearly, there was a difference in the method of selling.

Finally, the curiosity within, brought me to the stall. I asked for a 'cut-chai' and stealthily watched his moves. And, 10 secs after the order, the so-called 'cut-chai' was in my hand, 'cutting my nerves out of bafflement'!

Wow! So quick. Amazing! The words echoed again and again within me. Anyway, apart from the awesome tea, I also received something of my genuine concern.

The south Indian guy had 2 containers. He filled one with a hot mixture of tea leaves, sugar, water and a bit of ginger. And, another one with warm milk. So, just he needed to pour-in the requisite mixtures to prepare a tea, once an order was placed.

He was utilizing the time judiciously to generate bucks. Undoubtedly, he was turning 'time into money'. And, this is what is needed today, the most. Every great entrepreneur has used their time efficiently to build-up billions. So, if anyone envy of them, then, the proper and prudent usage of available sources is a must.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Me and Mr. Mind

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Night at two, a sound came through.

It was my 'Mind' for the first time,
wanted to confess,
the reasons, 'why i was so depressed'.
My 'Heart' contradicted. But i consoled it.
As because of it, i suffered misery
and was pissed !

I listened carefully for the first time,
a heart-changing rhymn;
said,'i was trapped in an unpleasant solitary,
tamed and run by the emotional heart'.
It kept saying and i heard keenly.
Words pierced my soul cleanly..

I was changing slowly but effectively.
"Fella, you 've been lying on the beds of piffle.
You need yourself to refill",said my mind.
Within some minutes being so kind,
it refrained, refuted and remedied my soul.

And then said i,
'Aah! thanks Mr. Mind, good that you rebuked my heart.
Your invisible, invinsible and invigorate words
've infusd something new in this struggler.'
My heart was wicked,
it maimed me completely, i agree.
And now, i am exultant and gratefull
for how you cautioned me, so greatly.
The moment seemed like a fable or a night-dream,
which turned an 'introvert' to an 'extrovert' like me !!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Crush Crushed

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It was the first lunch time in my new school. I was excited to join new people but taking lunch on a sunny day that too in the ground, lowered my enthusiasm a bit. Anyways, I came out; saw huge crowd. Finding a place was almost like 'seeking a pin in sand-dunes'. However, we completed that stuff and started towards the class. On the way, a beautiful girl caught my eye sight. Her gleaming eyes, fair texture and what not ?, made me blissful.
"Ah ! What could have been a better start than this", i thought.

Next day in the assembly, I again noticed her. Perfectly dressed and with a french plait, she wasn't less than a fairy. I got a crush upon her. Now every-time I found a chance, I never missed to get her view.

The days passed by, with increasing contacts I gotta know more about her. Soon the day came when we finally conversed. And I found, not only she was gorgeous but also had a melodious voice. Now I was completely trapped.

Some more days passed, more conversation happened and my crush too grew along with it...
One day I finally thought of confessing my heart's feelings to her. I had an ISO certified plan to carry the message from my heart to her. 

I moved across the corridor. Founding few people in her class, I stepped in...

And there I was baffled watching her take lunch with one of my friends.  I quickly grabbed a guy passing by and inquired about the scene going on. And after listening to him, my heart countered apart. My mate was her boyfriend. Hopes were shattered !

I slowly moved out of the room with head down. There was no lunch, no chat and no activity that day for me.  But all I did was wailing. 
There was no relief, just griefs as 'My Crush was Crushed' !!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

What really matters. . .

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The day was tough right up from the dawn. Alarm clock stopped working, due to which I woke up late. Since my wife was out of the station, so managing the breakfast and all those stuffs were a bit difficult. Consequently, I reached my office later. And as expected, boss yelled at me. But I simply yawned and went to my cubicle. I was having coffee when a project file came. Shockingly, Its deadline was a week later.

The coming days were going to be drastically screwing for me; I realized it later on. The deadline was the very next day and I was done with nothing much above the outline. The reason was my wife's absence. All the responsibilities were on my shoulders. Sadly, I couldn't complete up the work. I was embarrassed and my boss too made me feel the same.

3 months later...

Another project was in my hand. And as before my wife was out again. Don't run your mind much; she went on a marriage..... Long story, I will skip it.

So, the project was in my hands. I was determined to give my best unlike the last time. Although, I was nervous after last time's disaster but was highly determined. Anyways, I got into work and completed that with perfection. Problems came but I tackled them pretty well. Consequently, I received lots of appreciation from all around. But, from the events, I learned that. . .

It doesn't matter how much one has struggled but did he succeed has meaning! As, people remember what you are and not the promises that you made earlier.