Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Me and Mr. Mind

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 By , 4 comments

Night at two, a sound came through.

It was my 'Mind' for the first time,
wanted to confess,
the reasons, 'why i was so depressed'.
My 'Heart' contradicted. But i consoled it.
As because of it, i suffered misery
and was pissed !

I listened carefully for the first time,
a heart-changing rhymn;
said,'i was trapped in an unpleasant solitary,
tamed and run by the emotional heart'.
It kept saying and i heard keenly.
Words pierced my soul cleanly..

I was changing slowly but effectively.
"Fella, you 've been lying on the beds of piffle.
You need yourself to refill",said my mind.
Within some minutes being so kind,
it refrained, refuted and remedied my soul.

And then said i,
'Aah! thanks Mr. Mind, good that you rebuked my heart.
Your invisible, invinsible and invigorate words
've infusd something new in this struggler.'
My heart was wicked,
it maimed me completely, i agree.
And now, i am exultant and gratefull
for how you cautioned me, so greatly.
The moment seemed like a fable or a night-dream,
which turned an 'introvert' to an 'extrovert' like me !!!


  1. why have you stopped writing poems :(
    You are so good at them :D

    1. You already know the reason behind it, right?! :)

      Thank you :)