Sunday, 4 September 2011

Time is Money

Sunday, September 04, 2011 By , , 4 comments

I was sitting at the bus stop. Usually, there is nothing above boredom that one experiences sitting alone. But hallelujah, I got something to watch at.

There were 2 tea vendors, right across the road, just opposite to me. Their stands were marked 1 & 2, respectively. Every basic thing needed to run a 'small income-making' tea shop was matching. Just the 1 thing that made the difference were the presence of customers at the two spots.

The stall holder possessing stall marked 1 had more customers than his opponent. He was a South Indian by looks. And, as everyone know, they are born intelligent or I think so. But, this time, it was something above the 'God- gifted-intelligence'.

I then started dwelling, contemplating what so unique that South Indian guy was doing, as he possessed more customers; In spite of the fact both vendors had everything same on their stalls. Clearly, there was a difference in the method of selling.

Finally, the curiosity within, brought me to the stall. I asked for a 'cut-chai' and stealthily watched his moves. And, 10 secs after the order, the so-called 'cut-chai' was in my hand, 'cutting my nerves out of bafflement'!

Wow! So quick. Amazing! The words echoed again and again within me. Anyway, apart from the awesome tea, I also received something of my genuine concern.

The south Indian guy had 2 containers. He filled one with a hot mixture of tea leaves, sugar, water and a bit of ginger. And, another one with warm milk. So, just he needed to pour-in the requisite mixtures to prepare a tea, once an order was placed.

He was utilizing the time judiciously to generate bucks. Undoubtedly, he was turning 'time into money'. And, this is what is needed today, the most. Every great entrepreneur has used their time efficiently to build-up billions. So, if anyone envy of them, then, the proper and prudent usage of available sources is a must.


  1. nice! time is money indeed!

    its these tiny observations in life that can actually have the biggest impact!