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Undoubtedly, it is one of the most enticing and contemplated question. Everybody, especially teenagers, are longing to know whether looks are the by-all and end-all things while going for a relationship. So, if you are one of those curious people then you have come to the right place for the answer, my friend.

Ouch! That didn't go well
I wouldn’t beat around the bush to tell you the truth, as that is time-wasting. The ugly truth is that looks do matter in a relationship. Well, not just in a relationship, but in almost everything in life. Be it an interview, an out-of-nowhere crush on somebody or what not? Our very first impression on someone comes from the way they look. It is the soul parameter through which we judge EVERYTHING about the person in front, whether he is knowledgeable, talented, a tharki or whatever. Looks answer everything. That’s what majority of the people staunchly believe in.

Seriously! -_-
With that thing in mind, the question rises whether a relationship is solely dependent on the looks of 2 people? And as they age, does the bond between the couples get infirm? There are a lot of such questions in queue.

Starting with the 1st question, are relationships only dependent on appearance? Clearly, the answer is NO. Looks do play a part, a nominal one, but there are other way too important things that bond 2 people together. Those things include understanding, compatibility, mutual respect and a heart that beats for one another irrespective of their mien. These things stand much above “appearance” and shall not be overlooked while choosing a life partner because looks can be deceptive, but nature can’t.

The second question answers itself now. With age, bond gets stronger instead of getting weak. This is how it works! I don’t know how, because I’m still in my early 20s.

Another question that might be crossing-through people’s mind, ‘I was so loyal, sweet, good-at-heart, then why did my partner leave me?’ You must have heard that people make mistakes, a hell lot of mistakes which they regret some or the other day. Consider it to be the reason, it will help and heel. That’s all I can comment about it.

‘I’m not good-looking; does this mean I have no chance of being in a relationship?’

Stop thinking like that because that will make you unnecessarily depressed. You are way better than many good-looking people out there, believe it. The only thing you need to have is patience. Be yourself and do what you like. The universe will conspire to make the most appropriate partner reach you.

Cent-percent true
At last, your nature and character is what that matters the most in life. And that should be the prime reason for other people falling in love with you. Rest everything is secondary, including looks. So, don’t be forlorn if you are not alluring.

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‘Bhai’ has different forms in our everyday life. For few of us, he might be a real brother, for others, he might be a friend, a friend-of-friend or whatever. But, the thing to pay attention on is the way he showers his warmth on you. The way he guides and helps you at difficult times.

Sing it loud! :P

He is somebody to whom you call late at night to pick you up from a place where the alcohol has taken complete control over your body. After receiving the phone and listening to your trumped-up story, he might abuse you and ask to fudge yourself (you better know what he says, don’t you?), but the fact is that he shows up after your consistent whimpers and a promise of bearing his beer money.

He is somebody to whom you call for help when other guys are about to beat your ass out. Doesn’t matter whether he is slim enough to give complex to top actresses or Arnold Schwarzenegger alike; you remember him, as you know he will save you, somehow. He is your superman, or at least the person who would be there on the adjacent bed in the hospital.

He is the person who would repeatedly remind you of NOT running behind ‘LADKI, BUS and TRAIN’, but despite of all his sayings, you ditch him NUMEROUS times for COUNTLESS number of girls. And when you return as the prodigal friend, he is there to pat your back and console you saying, ‘Koi nhi bhai, aur bandiyan milengi’. However, he doesn’t forget to kick your shameless ass for ditching him back then.


These were just the trailers, picture bohot badi hai that you are also aware of now, I guess. You know, he is your best man, your side-kick (according to you), your washroom companion, your ‘Jim Carrey’ from ‘Dumb & Dumber’ and what not? He is there for you 24*7; not literally, though. Still, he shows up at the time of need or to mock at you (when you want it the least).

In short, he is present with you all the time and that is the reason he is valued less. However, when he will leave you after a certain stage in life, his memories are the ones that would make you cry the most. So, go on and tell your ‘bhai’ how much he means to you over a chai-sutta hang-out. He might pump whether you are drunk or something, but the fact is that, deep down inside, he will savour it. Perhaps, he might pass it off saying; ‘Rulayega kya?’ but he will never forget it. He will relish it for years but won’t let you know (that’s the way guys are).

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Girl

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One thing which is sure to happen, apart from rising of the sun and the death of a human, is a sudden fight with your girlfriend.

Many of us have faced this situation at least once in our lives. One moment you are having a conversation and the other moment you say something that totally changes the scenario. You don’t realize but it just happens at the blink of an eye. And by the time you notice that something has gone wrong, the die has been cast; she is upset. You are doomed.

There are certain things (read: a lot of things) men should never say to their women. You are lucky to have come across this article which will save you from those conversational land mines while having a talk with your girl. Below are the lifesaver points:

“What’s up with your hair?”
“What did you say?” (In Arnab Goswami voice)
Are you crazy to point out this thing? Alright, her hair is a little messy today, so what? You want to live on this planet, right? So, don’t bring it up. Just keep it to yourself. Remember, her hair is “just perfect” and “suits” her totally. For girls, hair isn’t just hair. (That’s all I know)

Yeah, she’s hot
Many a times, chances are she beguile you in with an innocent question, like, “Do you think she’s cute?” shrugging her shoulders like it wouldn't matter either way. But don’t be fooled; it’s a trap. You must lie quickly. Whether it’s a girl in a magazine, a waitress, a Facebook friend’s of friend or whoever, the answer is always NO. In fact, you win extra credits for casually finding fault in her the closer you look. Watch your girlfriend light up as you say, “Is it me, or is her nose a bit spooky?”

“My ex used to...”
While talking to your girlfriend, never ever bring up anything with ‘my ex’. You might face serious charges for this crime. There are a lot of things which belong to the category of ‘inside thoughts’, this is one of them.

“I love you”
Until and unless you are totally sure and confident that you love your girl, don’t utter those three “magical” words. Reason being, girls can actually tell whether somebody is genuinely saying it or not. So, keep up the magical words with yourself Mr. Potter until you are totally sure about it. This will save you from getting slapped in the middle of a public place.

“Are you really going to eat all that?”
Alright big boy! Enough said. One more word and you would be down on the ground in pain trying to figure out the point of impact. Remember, your girl is light as a feather and she can eat whatever and how much she wants. No questions shall be raised. 

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