Wednesday, 16 May 2012


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The place was sucking me to the core that day. Although, it doesn’t mean that the same didn’t happen before but you know…the ‘break-up’ effect was invincible.

My angel was sitting in the 3rd bench and me at the last, as usual. For the whole 7 and ½ hours of torture, she didn’t turn even once to notice what I was doing! It was really infuriating as well as depressing, as, this thing never happened in the past 3 years! L

The next few days went the same. 
Finally, Dhruv aka ‘Chole’ noticed the strange happenings and came to enquire about it.

I said,’ We had a break-up 5 days ago’.

He was astounded which was obvious.

But Den, how did it happen? , he asked.

‘We met at CCD where she asked me to be just friends from then onward. I tried getting a genuine sensible reason in vain. Apologized for some uncountable times, though I wasn’t wrong, but everything was over-looked and unheard’. L

What!!! But…how can she do this to you??? , asked ‘Chole’ with this ‘O.o’ kind of expression.

‘She doesn’t love me anymore. The charm has gone according to her and possibly we can just be mates now’, I replied sadly L

So, what now? Are you satisfied being just ‘Friends’?

‘NO. But, if she is happy, I’m happy. But, also I know, we neither can be friends nor enemies because there was love somewhere someday involved’, I contemplatively replied.

So, what you both will be? , he asked restlessly.

‘We will be Familiar Strangers’ L