Sunday, 25 November 2012


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Meghna was my dream girl when I was in 5th. Average height, charming looks and a pretty face were sufficient for my heart to get driven by her. Well, this might sound funny but I used to wait at the cycle stand each day to have a glance of her! Of course a cycle stand because we weren’t in a school of Karan Johar’s film :P 

Anyway, she left the city 2 years after 5th; unaware about my ‘dewanapan’ :P

I had no clue where she went but ever after that time I just wished to somehow get in contact with her and luckily the almighty took a notice over my demand! A mutual friend of ours got us in contact. Surprisingly, she still remembered that old Abhi i.e. me :P

Frankly, I went crazy getting back in contact again after 4 years of time! Felt like something good was happening in my life. But, as it is said that, ‘nothing remains the same’, so, obviously, my happiness wouldn’t have contradicted the quote! Precisely, I screwed up big time!

Now, before I tell you how I did that ironically awesome mistake, note it down, ‘Never ever reveal your feelings to a girl too early. First, be her friend, then her good friend, then her bestie and probably when you think that you finally understand her which I’m sure will be a wrong assumption, tell your feelings’. It won’t guarantee a success but at least your ass will be safe to be kicked until next time :D :P

Heading to my screwed up story… I told her the crush thing childhood wali like a retard expecting some positive result. But, as unexpected, things turned out to be like the filet-o-fish of McDonalds i.e. sucking (No offense for filet-o-fish lovers :P) and consequently, it ended up the contact.

I hope, you won’t let your craziness shit over your desires :P

In the end, a word of wisdom, always keep patience and you will do great  :)

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


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The place was sucking me to the core that day. Although, it doesn’t mean that the same didn’t happen before but you know…the ‘break-up’ effect was invincible.

My angel was sitting in the 3rd bench and me at the last, as usual. For the whole 7 and ½ hours of torture, she didn’t turn even once to notice what I was doing! It was really infuriating as well as depressing, as, this thing never happened in the past 3 years! L

The next few days went the same. 
Finally, Dhruv aka ‘Chole’ noticed the strange happenings and came to enquire about it.

I said,’ We had a break-up 5 days ago’.

He was astounded which was obvious.

But Den, how did it happen? , he asked.

‘We met at CCD where she asked me to be just friends from then onward. I tried getting a genuine sensible reason in vain. Apologized for some uncountable times, though I wasn’t wrong, but everything was over-looked and unheard’. L

What!!! But…how can she do this to you??? , asked ‘Chole’ with this ‘O.o’ kind of expression.

‘She doesn’t love me anymore. The charm has gone according to her and possibly we can just be mates now’, I replied sadly L

So, what now? Are you satisfied being just ‘Friends’?

‘NO. But, if she is happy, I’m happy. But, also I know, we neither can be friends nor enemies because there was love somewhere someday involved’, I contemplatively replied.

So, what you both will be? , he asked restlessly.

‘We will be Familiar Strangers’ L