Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Life after Graduation

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Graduation is the first stepping stone in everybody’s life. A degree after all, makes them eligible for a job, payments and allows them to enjoy their life to the fullest. And this is by far every student’s dream. Graduate, get a job, earn money, have a gf/bf and peace. Period.

The reality!
Such a great plan, might be so easy to attain most people think. However, the one who completes their graduation can only understand what they have left behind. And adding to the grief, what trouble lies ahead!

The first thing that almost every graduate tries to save themselves with, is this question, ‘Aur beta, kya kar rahe ho aajkal? Kya socha he aage karne ka?’

Honestly, I am saving myself from these questions. But anyways, since you have asked, then let me tell you, I want to be a billionaire, invest in experiences and eventually live a peaceful life. I am working on an idea for which I need investors. If you can lend me some money for it, then we are good to talk further.  Also, while I am on it, am seeking a job that suits 3 basic requirements of mine: Heavy money, Less working hours and a tension free life. For now, I have zero such companies fulfilling this demand. Government jobs do deliver these expectations up to a certain extent, but then there is a lot of competition. A lot of insane competition. However, I do not fear the competition, after all, I am a male, an engineer and belong to general category. What I fear is your question that ultimately targets to pull my leg rather than do anything good. So, for the love of GOD, have tea and biscuit and leave for the day.

Totally right!
You want to say this, don’t you? But, you just can’t. After all, we are programmed not to be blunt, but to dodge such questions with an edgy ear-to-ear smile and a hackneyed phrase’, ‘Bus uncle explore kar raha hun. Hi-hi. Arey! Chai lijiye na. Hi-hi’.

This is the situation. Students actually can’t reveal what they want to do in life. Most don’t have a plan. Most. But others who do, refrain from making it public considering the natural criticism coated with the mockery that would come from the other side. So, better to dodge than to lose a one sided conversation over your career with clich├ęs.

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At the end my friend, lonely days and nights, limitless criticism and questions along with exponentially increasing peer pressure is what awaits for a graduate until he/she does something in life. And by ‘does something’, I mean, do a regular job and earn money. Or, go for a post graduation degree. This is the life after graduation. Welcome.