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90's life and my evergreen love…

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I still remember my 90s life. There were minimum resources available. No peer pressure in comparison to what I feel today. Internet was a by-gone thing. And, all day long I only craved for the clock to strike 5 in the evening. It was my playtime which was so endearing to me that I could do anything for that. I could even wake up at whatever time one would ask me to play a game of cricket or soccer. I was that big a sports lover. However, there were limited games that I was fond of and basketball wasn’t one of them. Unfortunately, its consequence can be seen by the people who have seen me in real life.

I remember that big playground which was common for every sport whatsoever. From cricket, football to piddu and even an out of the blue cycle race were held on the same ground. Sometimes, all at the same time. There was no scarcity of players in those days. Call for one and get 3 more players for free. Even, everyone was a Sachin, Messi and Osain Bolt in their own way. And, almost everyone had their pet field name. Mine was Michael Clark.

I still wonder why that guy named me Clark because I was an all-rounder who was capable enough to perform in both batting and bowling. On the contrary, Michael Clark is more of a batsman. I guess, that guy who named me wasn’t aware about Cricket that much. Anyway, I was elated to get a name to the least because there were ample of others who weren’t nick named yet. But, today I realize that it is difficult to build a reputation of your own than to acquire somebody else’s. I was naïve back then and such big things were far fletched for me to contemplate about.

I remember that football-cum-run-behind-a-ball-game that had no rules on the field. The only time people used to stop when the ball had crossed the goal post making a goal or no goal, whatsoever. I and my friends were crazy back then. We watched cricket but loved playing football more. For us, Ronaldo was the only player of football in the whole world. Everyone wanted to be ‘Ronaldo.’ However, majority ended up getting sardonic remarks, like, ‘Bada aaya Ronaldo banne chala he’ and many more.

Now, the time has changed drastically. Fields have turned into beautiful enclaves. We have grown up both physically and intellectually too. Everyone is busy with their life doing some or the other thing. Everyone is running to win a race, but not in the field. But, in spite of all these things, one thing that still persists is the sportsmanship. I can’t testify for others but even today if someone would ask to get up in the morning to play any sports (except basketball), I would be the first one to reach the field. And, I’m happy to retain that love for sports till date in my life.

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    1. Thank you :)
      Glad to know that it brought back nostalgia!

      Keep visiting O:)

  2. Oh no! By the image I thought you will talk about your first crush too ;-)
    BTW... Just curious, how old are you?

    1. Never mind!!! Don't answer that!
      Sorry I asked :-/

    2. Hey Rupasi, how are you?
      And, that was the plan to tempt people to read this post ;)
      Seems like it worked. :D
      And, I'll turn 21 this year.

    3. I was confused about the question that I didn't have to answer according to you, so I answered each one of them to the best possible way! :D

      Keep visiting O:)

    4. Yeah u did get me excited ;-)

      Well usually people keep their age a secret and I thought I might be rude asking you this ... So when I gave my comment a second thought, I realized I shudnt have asked it... :-/
      But anyway glad to know... :-)

      Your 90s rocked :-)
      The four years I had of my 90s were spent in pooping, babbling nd learning how to speak, walk, eat and write :-P

    5. Haha! It is fine to ask my age. I don't get offended on such things :D
      And, by your answer, you revealed your age too ;)
      Bdw, what are you doing these days? 12th is over, I suppose.

      Keep visiting O:)

    6. Hahaha, yeah, I just realized I did ;-)

      Well, I tried going to regular DU college... didn't like it that much :-/
      So ended up dropping the year and am preparing for Medicine again :-)

    7. Alright! :)
      Best wishes for that.

      Bdw, why did you stop blogging altogether? :O

    8. It was long overdue... I had to stop... Wasn't exciting enough for me anymore... And am busy too now days so don't usually get time write :-D
      So I just dropped that idea too :-D

    9. Oh! Well, I hope you start doing that after some time!
      Best wishes for future endeavors.

    10. Why? Was it that good? o_O
      *just curious*

      Thank you :-D

    11. Whoa!!!
      Umm... Okay... I guess... :-O

  3. You seem to be regretful about but just one thing, that is not playing football ;)
    Wishfulness justified through words :)

    1. I'm always regretful about not being able to play football enough! -_-
      Bdw, thank you :)

      Keep visiting O:)

    2. Oops ! I meant basketball :P :D

    3. Oh! In that case, I would say, I seldom regret not playing basketball at all. But then, that game never enticed me enough like the others to stick on forever. :)

      Keep visiting O:)