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6 Signs She Is Not Into You

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Everybody experiences a point in their life when they are smitten with somebody. In case of boys, this happens more than often. Sometimes, almost every other day. Anyway, keeping off tharkipana from this discussion, let us switch back to some prudent stuff.

So, you are looking forward to a girl since a very long time. And, just to make your place in her heart because you have an infatuation or love (whatever) for her, you call and message her umpteen times a day. You try every means that is out there just to get a place in her heart. But, somehow, you are unsure of her feelings for you, if any!

There also comes a point when you lose all your sense and temper thinking that had you put that many efforts to get an apartment in a metro city, it would have yielded great results. Even you recall mantra from a baba who has tremendous experience of love life and all that jazz: ‘Pyaar ka chakkar he bada bhayankar, isiliye haath jodo aur bolo Jai Shiv Shankar, Jai Shiv Shankar’

However, in spite of all these sensible (or insensible) thoughts and gyaan, your heart just doesn’t want to throw in the towel. So, what to do now? How to check whether your dream girl is into you or not?

So, for the same, here are certain points that will help you to cross check whether you have successfully booked a flat in her heart or you need to move on looking for another building (whatever):

1.    You are the one who always calls/texts: Are you the one who always calls her or texts her at the first place? Are you? And, even after your constant calls or texts, she responds once in a blue moon? Does it happen? If it happens, then my friend, she is not into you.

2.    She is not ready for a relationship: Well, this is the most common line that every girl uses when she is cornered by her one-sided lover. But, there is a hidden meaning to it. Do you know what?

By this sentence, she means that she is not ready for a relationship with you (forever). Seriously, people never reconsider their statements while breaking somebody else’s heart, especially of a person with whom they are not bonded. So, my Dhanush from Ranjhaana, stop chasing your Zoya because waha kuch nhi hoya! Move on.

3.    She is busy: Remember, nobody is ever busy for a person they like. This is a universal truth. Don’t believe me? Then recall all your coaching bunks for that ‘someone special.’ Kuch yaad aaya?!

So, if she constantly gives you a ‘I was busy’ reason for not getting in touch or avoiding contact, whatever, then that is a clear signal my friend; change the course and move in the other direction. The girl is gone.

4.    She talks about other guys with you: May be, you are lucky and your dream girl actually talks to you more than often. But, thehro (in Shaktimaan’s voice), did you notice what she talks about? Please pay attention to that because if she brings other guys in the conversation with you, then you are not going to make it to her heart. In other words, your girl is booked my friend. Sorry.

5.    She doesn’t laugh at your jokes: Laholbilakubat! A guy here finally cracks a great joke but that didn’t ring a bell to her. Such a bad situation. If this is something that you can relate to, then the time has come to flush her memories my Kapil Sharma.

6.    She tries to set you up with somebody else: Omg! Here you are trying to book a seat and she is all into setting you up with somebody else. Now, given that disastrous situation, you can only wish that the other person she is fixing you with is not a boy. Otherwise, Dostana 2 will soon hit the theatres with or without your consent. Bhaiya, time he, ijjat ki socho aur nikal lo.

At last, if she exhibits one of the above signs, it doesn't bode well for your cause. If she exhibits two to three of these signs, you can be pretty certain that she is not interested. If you are noticing more than three of the above signs, listen carefully, because it is never going to happen. Trust me, it is that clear.

So, if you are the unlucky one, then pack your bag and complain about the sour grapes, as most of us always do, and leave. After all, self-respect matters a lot and in India, it is more than just a word.

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  1. Hahaha.. I have not read such an accurate article in a longgg time !
    Every part of it is true :D

    1. Haha! Delighted to hear that :)
      Thank you :)

      Keep visiting O:)

  2. Okay! You have got to tell me how do you end up writing such posts :-P

    1. You are asking a magician about his trick. :D :P

    2. Well secrets are best when revealed :-P keeps the excitement going :-P or else if they die with the keeper, its not so fun :-P

      So I suggest u do reveal the illusion behind your magic tricks ;-)
      Or else we will be forced to believe certain things :-P

    3. Once the secret is revealed, people move-on. They become uninterested. :D
      So, I would preserve it for now. But, let's see, what time allows ahead ;)
      Stay tuned.

      P.S: Things are not revealed in public :X

    4. Hahahahaha!!!! :-P
      Ok... I guess... :-P
      I actually don't have any thing to argue back :-P

    5. It is tough to make a girl speechless. But, then, history is created here :D