Friday, 25 July 2014

What a “Smart” phone demands?

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It has been weeks since I didn’t post anything on the place where I used to hang out the most, my blog. Ah! Life can truly keep you busy, doesn’t matter how vella you are; seriously!

Smartly Captivated

Well, talking about “being busy”, I see almost everyone busy these days. Whether those people are literally busy or not, only GOD and they know, but they look busy to me somehow. Apparently, they are seen busy with their cell phones. Oops, I must say “smart phones” which are smarter than them. No offence!

The Truth!
Now, I guess, you have a slight idea about where we are heading in this article. Of course, I will be bashing the smartphones and their users a bit. But, don’t take things to heart. It is for your greater good. So, just sit back, read and enjoy! Cheers. Clink!

The Picture Says A Thousand Words
I still remember those golden days when having 1 phone in a family marked as a status symbol. In those days, there was tranquility all around because of the same reason. Nobody was running behind creating and improving their social identity because internet was almost unknown and inaccessible thing. Truly, those were the days of sheer bliss and tension free life. You just can’t disagree to it, can you?

But, after the advent of smartphones, actually, affordable smartphones, everyone is up to something. They are always into exercising their thumb and fingers unnecessarily with a mild smile on their face and a thousand thoughts in their mind. And, surprisingly, they are so much obsessed with it that they completely ignore the things going around them. Or, whether people are getting infuriated with their act or anything like that! All they are busy is in interacting with people of their own kind, the “social life is all I like” people, even when their own real identity is getting damaged.

All The Time!

The situation is so worse that if you go to a restaurant or anywhere with your friends, as an example, all they would do is “tik tik tik”. Everyone gets so busy in their “smart phones” that they forget they are not behaving like “smart” people at all, not anymore then. This has resulted into lesser interaction among friends or relatives since a few years back.

Anyway, enough of talking in regards to cons of smartphones and its excessive use. Undoubtedly, there are advantages of smartphones which we all know very well, right? The idea here is just to convey people that smartphones demand smart use so that it helps them in life. It is an aid and not drugs to get addicted to. So, it is highly recommended to use it wisely and nicely to make the greatest use of the time available and not to waste it.

Do Smart Use, Remember! -_-

P.S: Do value people around you, be it friends, relatives or anybody, above your smartphone, because, the latter can be brought again, unlike the former, if gone. Tada!

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Thursday, 3 July 2014


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Are you annoyed of watching people EXCESSIVELY use #HASHTAGS on Facebook? Well, then you are at the right place. Come; let’s bitch about those people a bit. More than a bit actually!

Just Like This!
There was a time when hashtags were only limited to a few sites, like Twitter, Instagram etc. But, on June 2013, Mark Zukerburg unleashed the biggest prank of the century by introducing hashtags to Facebook. Although, it was done to tag similar posts together, but that didn’t happen as anticipated. It rather became a medium of spamming and displeasure which is a severe thing as it is continuously increasing with an alarming rate. Don’t believe me? Go check your Facebook wall.

Now when I scroll down my Facebook home page every now and then, I get to notice, and I’m pretty sure that you might be observing it too, a lot of posts with unnecessary tags. People have gone crazy I tell you. Instead of writing a full sentence in english which would actually make sense, they put a hashtag before every word to make it look like an encrypted code. A code that is hard to figure out at the 1st glance. Sach me!

True That!
I suppose, the main reasons behind committing such an odious crime are two: First, people want to bring on a change for a greater bad. Yes, greater bad, because it is shamelessly killing grammar and its entire family like a psycho killer. On Facebook we don’t have a word limit (of 140 characters) like that on twitter, so don’t shy away and write full sentences to make it easy for other people to understand. Trust me, they would appreciate it.

Please, Stop It!
Second reason is, undoubtedly, to show-off. Else, why would anyone on GOD’s great Earth do such a pointless thing? It brings them nothing, not even the Facebook likes, trust me. The only thing that eventually happens is too much spamming which is not good either. But, who would stop? No one, as this is the trend.

#Washroom #Emergency #BowelMovement #HereItComes #Relief #Sigh!

See, how ridiculous your “trend” looks! So, control it, please. Here is an example of how to ACTUALLY make use of a hashtag. Note it.

The bitching party is over. Now, be my guest and share this post. Together we will save the planet from the hashtag hijackers. :D