Monday, 16 March 2015

Are we two faced or more?

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I was surfing Facebook and listening to Galliyan- Ankit Tiwari (all this doesn’t matter) when this question crossed my mind; Are we two faced or three or more? Sounds interesting, right? By the way, just so you know, I am not talking about human anatomy at all. This is away, far away from science. This is life, where you find two or three or any-number-of-your-choice faced people. I hope you get the drift.

Two-face from Batman
So, the story of a two faced person (not that villain from Batman) starts when he backstabs somebody and that somebody in return does his nomenclature like this. The reason for betrayal can be anything that depends upon the situation and we won’t analyze it in this article. However, in reality, absence of guts to speak or do things up front compels a person to become two faced or more.

However, there is more to it. Till now, we saw other’s perspective of somebody being two faced. Now, what if I tell you that we actually change our character according to situations?! Shocking, right? But, this is true.

Do this activity once and you will find the above notion to be true. Next time when you meet your friends or anybody in general who is not your family member just keep noticing (and remember) the way you talk and behave.

Now, when you come back home and spend time with your family over dinner or lunch (or any meal in between because other time you are busy on the internet) once again notice your behavior. Am sure you will find a change in it from the way you played yourself out to the world.

So, this far you are already two different people. You are a born actor my friend. Congratulations. Directors are looking for a chap like you. Go, catch them all.

Anyway, the final step. And, this step once done will show you the real you. Trust me, I don’t kid for free. All you need to do is find some solitude or a mask to hide behind. Best way is to create an anonymous identity on the internet, just for this activity. So, you are hidden due to it. Nobody can see you until you reveal yourself or you don’t know how to be anonymous on the internet. If it is the 2nd case, internet will help you. Best wishes!

So, once anonymous, pick any random person of any gender or your choice. Remember, this is a hard task to do because people don’t easily get in touch immediately with a stranger. But, let us assume you are successful in doing this. Now, start to chat with them. And, more importantly, read and remember what you say to them. Because when you will recall it you will realize that it was all true. You didn’t say anything to flaunt yourself or to play defensive in anyway unlike the other two scenarios above. And you will be shocked to know, but this is the real you. The person whom you behave like in the third case is you. The things that you truly believe are revealed in the third case when you are behind a mask. After all, it is rightly said, give a man a mask and he will show you who he actually is.

Is this right?

So, finally, just count the number of characters you played in total. Am sure you are smarter than a fifth grader and would be with an answer, three. Congratulations. Or in Archimedes’ style, Eureka because we have found the number of faces people have and it is three. So, next time if somebody says that there are 7 billion people in this world and 14 billion faces; correct them with 21 billion. Remember, each one has 3 faces, except for Harvey Dent, who has 5!

Thank you for visiting this blog. Have a great day! 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Movies, TV series and songs!

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This is one moment for which I wait patiently. The moment I get to write something. Bring out something, a story, a memoir, anything, not a verse though (just so you know). And today I am happier than most of the recent times while penning something on this blog. The reason can be anything. May be the last night movie, The Imitation Game; recommended. Or even the successful completion of The Vinci’s Demon’s season 2; another thing I would recommend. Or may be anything else is doing the trick. But, does the reason matter? I believe, not, because being happy is all we care about. Or, I care about.
Overpriced popcorn and cold drink

Anyway, talking about a movie and a TV series brings me to this great song that I heard on YouTube, ‘Kaun Mera’.  It was performed by ‘Papon’ at ‘MTV Unplugged Season 4’. You must have heard it, am sure, perhaps, the original version from the movie ‘Special 26’.

So, I heard the song and I came to realize that how desperately I want to attend a live show of MTV Unplugged. It has always been my wish to do that. But, since it stayed in my subconscious, so never got a lucid signal. However, I know this now and want to go for it. May be, some day will get lucky.

A poster of MTV Unplugged (I know, you know)

Now, since have initiated my talk in regards to movies, TV series and songs, so I would like you to help me with it. Kindly post a list of your favorite songs, movies, TV series below in the comments and I would try to go through all of those, if not already done. Also, if you are aware about how one can attend a live show of MTV Unplugged (wherever it happens), please do me a favor and comment about the same. I would really appreciate your help.

Will be awaiting your comments. J

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