Friday, 13 March 2015

Movies, TV series and songs!

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This is one moment for which I wait patiently. The moment I get to write something. Bring out something, a story, a memoir, anything, not a verse though (just so you know). And today I am happier than most of the recent times while penning something on this blog. The reason can be anything. May be the last night movie, The Imitation Game; recommended. Or even the successful completion of The Vinci’s Demon’s season 2; another thing I would recommend. Or may be anything else is doing the trick. But, does the reason matter? I believe, not, because being happy is all we care about. Or, I care about.
Overpriced popcorn and cold drink

Anyway, talking about a movie and a TV series brings me to this great song that I heard on YouTube, ‘Kaun Mera’.  It was performed by ‘Papon’ at ‘MTV Unplugged Season 4’. You must have heard it, am sure, perhaps, the original version from the movie ‘Special 26’.

So, I heard the song and I came to realize that how desperately I want to attend a live show of MTV Unplugged. It has always been my wish to do that. But, since it stayed in my subconscious, so never got a lucid signal. However, I know this now and want to go for it. May be, some day will get lucky.

A poster of MTV Unplugged (I know, you know)

Now, since have initiated my talk in regards to movies, TV series and songs, so I would like you to help me with it. Kindly post a list of your favorite songs, movies, TV series below in the comments and I would try to go through all of those, if not already done. Also, if you are aware about how one can attend a live show of MTV Unplugged (wherever it happens), please do me a favor and comment about the same. I would really appreciate your help.

Will be awaiting your comments. J

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  1. Again Awsumm Sir :) u write awsum :)

    1. Thank you, Kritika :)
      Your comment made me happy!

      Keep visiting O:)

  2. As always , good one
    talking about songs , I would recommend
    chameleon / comedian - Kathleen Edwards
    Never been in love - Elliphant
    feel real - deptford goth
    comes and goes - GregLaswell
    broken - life house
    feeling good - muse
    museum of flight - Damien jurado
    on an on - ghosts
    where does the good go - tegan n sara
    your man - josh turner ...................
    list goes on n on , but now I can recall only these + have not mentioned hindi coz you would have already gone through most of them.
    series , highly recommend is grey's anatomy , how I met your mother , + hv not gone through prison break but I heard it's worth watching .....

    1. That's what I was expecting. Thank you for a good long list. Will go through all of those songs.
      And, have seen Prison Break already. However, Grey's Anatomy is still untouched along with HIMYM.

      Keep visiting O:)