Monday, 23 February 2015

A random post

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Every time I step in to put something on my not-at-all famous (stats reveal) blog I carry a bag full of stories, events and lessons all for free. However, this bag has only 1 section, so everything is kept inside the same, which eventually ends up creating a crazy mixture of all those things that I wish to say. In short, right now I have no idea where this post is heading. But, I am happy that you are still reading it, patiently looking for something, carrying along, bearing all of it. And trust me, this is the best thing.

It is so good to see people be with you through your journey. Even if it is for a short time, it feels good. You have somebody who can vouch for you, help you and above everything, be with you. Being together is the most important part. And that gives a feeling of satisfaction and bliss. (NOTE: This has been written irrespective of the gender of the other person. This shouldn’t be confused with a boy-girl relationship. Perspective is totally neutral. Thank you!)

True, right?

However, we don’t realize this thing, this one important thing until we start on our own. When we don’t have people from our daily life who have been a constant support just by being there; when we just can’t be lazy enough to procrastinate our work or put it on others (if possible); or I should say, when we have new faces all around us, that is the moment when we start to miss all of the above things. Being together, so as to put.

In the end, I would say that be good with people, if not then don’t be bad at least, because you would never know when you might need their support. And trust me; ‘support’ is more than just a word. Live alone and you will understand. Enough said.

So, that’s all for free. You can subscribe to this blog of mine where I have been posting some or the other thing till 2014. Haven’t been able to keep up the same in 2015 so far, but hey, this is just February, right? So, subscribe anyway and get amused, tickled and lectured at random times. I don’t make big promises. Also, you can contact me through the contact form available on this blog. I always reply to your messages because I hardly get any. Don’t laugh, I actually don’t receive any message. But that being said, you can always make a change. I love to see changes. And, until next time, good morning, good afternoon and good night. Sayonara. 


  1. Ok I dont know about others but you do have one reader for sure and she demands the answer to WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!

    1. Hi Rupasi,
      You don't know how good it feels to receive a comment like that. I appreciate it.
      And, have been busy a little. Can't reveal in public. :D
      However, you may email me through my contact form. Will answer :)
      Bdw, how have you been?
      I did read you blogs at times during this absence. Read that post about AIB roast too. I appreciate you verdict on that matter.

      Keep visiting. :)