Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Life and a window seat

Wednesday, September 03, 2014 By , 2 comments

It seems like; posting anything on the blog after a month has become a habit for me which is hard to change. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be more active on the blog. Of course, being the most active blogger is the ultimate aim of everyone who blogs (added with ample of readers). And that is mine too.


Anyway, the fact that I’m here (and you are here too) always entitles me to write something to grip your attention till the end and in the process satisfy myself through expression of thoughts. Well, the latter being the more significant part. That being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t love your presence. Your presence is deeply respected and delightful for me which goes unsaid.

Keeping everything in mind, here I come to the point. This morning (that’s not important) while travelling through a bus, as always, I was looking outside the window. I was lucky to get the window seat like most of the time. It is my favorite. Reason being, if you dislike something which is going inside the bus, all you got to do is to stare out of the window. This one thing has always motivated me to get that seat by hook or by crook.

Sitting on the window seat and looking outside at random people doing random things is itself very interesting. At times, it is even motivating it its own way. You see ample of things, like, children going to school or bunking, whatever; shopkeepers resting in their shop and passing time by watching something on the mini-television. Likewise, there are many activities that go on and on. And, we just pass through them.

This gives me a sense that life never stops at any point. It goes on and on, showing its every colour to us. Testing us, tricking us, but ultimately teaching us something in the end. Life is full of colours; we just need the right eyes to see those. By this, I don’t mean that you should go to an eye specialist. It is philosophy; it automatically comes while you are graduating. Just, from engineers, it comes out more quickly.

Well, talking about philosophy, there is a self-made quote: Philosophy comes out when you are heartbroken, married, wasted or you are an engineering student. Well, the last part can be replaced with any course and it will still work. Since, I’m an engineering student, so putting it upfront was necessary. It is called brand promotion. Marketing people would know.

Anyway, the post has come to an end and without a farewell card or treat I would like to thank you for being a ‘Musafir’ till the end of this post. May be, it wasn’t the best of the post from me, but I’m very sure that you must have enjoyed the journey from the start till the end! After all, the most fascinating thing about reaching a destination is the journey we go through.