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Tea, biscuit and stress

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Huff! It was 25th of July when I penned down something for my blog. And, trust me, between that day and today, I didn’t feel much of a gap as I couldn’t manage enough time for it. With that being said, it doesn’t mean I didn’t miss this place and its readers; of course, I did miss everything!

Sometimes, this is all you need!

So, finally today, I made up my mind to scribble something up. Initially, like it always happens, I was nil with what to write, literally! Then, I thought maybe I should go with some topics of relationship. See the irony, I’m single, but I love giving love-tips to people who ask or don’t ask for it.

Anyway, I kept shifting from 1 topic to another in the same category but didn’t feel the urge to pen down anything whatsoever. So, I finally decided to go with the flow and started writing whatever came to my mind. Aila! You are still reading it. Seems like, it is not that bad.*Pat on the back*

After a while, the clock showed 5pm and it was my tea time. I wished somebody would come with a cup of tea and Parle-G to offer me, but such wishes hardly come true, especially when you have committed a sin in the past.

It was 10 years ago (omg! I’ve aged) when out of the blue I asked my mom with an endearing smile on my face to teach me to make tea! Such an innocent kid I was, who was totally unaware of the tough times he would be facing ahead because he just learned to make tea. Had somebody penned down “Things not to do as a child”, the current scenario would have been different. Then, aunties from the colony wouldn’t be enjoying a cup of my tasty tea every time they have found me at home!

Anyway, I don’t regret it to that degree as I’ve written, as it has helped me survive many times. Especially, when I have had come back after playing a game or cricket or soccer and found that nobody was there at home. At that time, it was my skill (if you call it so) of making tea and finding out the biscuit successfully from ample of containers that helped me survive the post-match stress.

By the way, talking of stress and biscuit, then Parle-G has always been a life saver for me. And, not just for me, but for a lot of people as well, I suppose! If you are stressed for something, just sit back with a cup of tea and some Parle-G. Dip the biscuit in the tea, take it out and put it in the mouth to savor it before it breaks to leave a stain on your clothes. Eventually, you will be relaxed and stress free all the way through!

I wonder why people get drugs for feeling better! May be, they are not aware about the awesome combination of tea and Parle-G. Too bad, they waste a lot of money; instead they could just be fine by putting up Rs 10 for a cup of cut-chai and a packet of Parle-G.

P.S: I hope Parle reads this post and offer me ample of money out of sheer love, which I wouldn’t deny taking! :D

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  1. In a very funny way I got myself a huge packet of Parle G today and yes I am a chai addict as good as it gets :D


    1. I can relate to your joy anytime on this thing. Also, the people who like this combination immediately get a vip entry in my heart ;) :D
      *welcome aboard*
      Plus, thank you for reading!
      Keep visiting O:)

  2. Not sure if they will offer you ample of money but one year free supply to banta hai ;)

    1. It is one and the same thing, Raghav :D
      Ultimately, a huge share of the money (imaginary) would have gone in buying it :D

      Thank you for the visit.
      Keep coming O:)

  3. hey good one man... not sure on T & Parle G but Your post is STRESS RELIEVER.......

    1. Haha! Thank you, Madhavi :)
      Glad to see your comment here.

      Keep visiting O:)