Monday, 26 December 2011

Butter Chicken called me. . .

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“The butter chicken is utterly delicious dude. Thanks for the treat,” I said to Parikshit, my mate, dwelling at another chicken piece.

I had skipped my college bus that day and travelled with Parikshit in his rickety, yet spacious bus. I even bluffed my parents saying that, ‘I would be coming home late, as I’ve travelled with my mate till his accommodation because the college bus got punctured.’

If I would have confronted the ‘treat’ thing, instantly my roasted form would have got prepared on the phone itself, as, my parents are strictly against eating out, except on special occasion.

Until we could finish up the stuff, my dad called me thrice. And every time I responded that, ‘I’ll be back in 20 mins.’ We then, quickly paid the bill & went back to his place. From there I left after 10mins, as, it was really getting late. Secondly, my dad had started to sound more serious on phone.

On the bus stop, my dad was standing with, you-are-gone expression.
I sat behind him on the vehicle. He, as already expected, interrogated regarding the current happenings. I continued with my former-set lies. But his reply was a sucker punch which intimidated me completely. I was thoroughly astounded.
He said, ‘We have probed out all the details. Your college bus was never punctured. All your other bus mates have already reached 2 hrs before.’

I then kept silent. The death seemed nearer. The delicious butter chicken seemed mocking upon me, jeering, ‘Aur khale saale’. Pictures of my mom, holding an active bomb to throw upon me, beckoned!

I reached back home and the rebuke-giving-tape, born-fixed within mom automatically played.

I stealthily left the place with an, I’m-sorry expression.

After changing, I came back in the drawing-cum-judgment hall, where sat the two parents-cum-judges & me- the culprit.

‘You have always disgraced us, Anuvin…,’started my dad.
What!!! What have I done now? Just skipped some hours of reaching back home from college & ate a tasty butter chicken, that’s it! Obviously, the hen wasn't our neighbor’s pet! How then I disgraced you? I asked willingly within.

‘He has done something cheesy today. I can bet. Else, why would he go faking a story?’ added my mom.
C’mon now! Carry out a polygraph test right here right now. Moreover, it was the butter chicken who called me. And, who the hell non-vegetarian would deny its call? I responded within.

‘Always since childhood he has remained back from his mates’, said my dad.
Hello dad! Wake up please. I agree my mate ate a piece extra of the delicious chicken but I promise, next time I will dominate him. But your history-concerned statement is entirely wrong. I’ve the legal proofs available, I said assertively to myself, just because, if you are a culprit, then, you are entitled to listen to fake allegations put on you by your parents; being from an Indian family.

I then, finally, realized that my parents have unearthed the grave-in matters of the past; all untrue and ridiculous! So I kept my focus upon the newspaper, containing Manmohan ji’s ‘I-wanna-do-potty-immediately’, expression. Thereafter I left for my room.

There, I again sat contemplating of my doings of that day. I didn’t regret the damn delicious butter chicken, but, my lie. Anyway, ‘the die was cast’. So, Consequently, I decided to take a short nap to reactivate my brain to carry-out my studies. As, this is the ultimate, universally famous master-key to unlock the door of anguish built within one’s parent’s mind.

Anyway, the day was digested & perhaps the butter chicken too. I craved sleep, so slept without much adieu.


  1. it reminded me some of ur previous mischief, when within no time after uncle dropped u, u came back from tuition (in a ricksaw) saying that u knocked the door by hitting it as hard as you can, but the teacher didn't open the door.

    1. :D I was such a good story teller back then :P

    2. you still are..:)
      yes I am reading it after almost an year and half it being posted..but u have got everything so well in line when it comes to writing..:)

  2. hahhaha! nice one! am vegetarian so cannot get it why people are so crazy for butter chicken..i loved the expression...lot of time happened with me too...i do not know why parents are oh-so -serious about letting their children have fun..:'( :D

    1. Interestingly, this strict attitude has entitled the children to come up with better plans every next time :P
      And, glad that you liked the post :)
      Plus, trust me, Butter Chicken to a Non-veggie is just like Paneer to a veggie O:)

  3. so typical... Parents forget when that when they were college students, they used to do the same thing... Hypocrites Indian parents!