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The Last Day was full of a struggle with one’s own mind, body and what not? Just name it!

So, here I was sitting nervously at the exam center watching at the Physics paper which seemed to be mocking over me, ‘Le, aa gya me teri lene.’

15mins for reading the question paper and making the plan-for-a-safe-rescue started ticking. I anxiously moved on to the last page containing those 6 marks questions which I prepared quite nicely (at least I had that assumption).

‘Hallelujah! I know this question’, I said to myself with sheer disbelief! It was from Electronic Devices which I prepared tremendously well. Hard work on that very chapter paid off, I thought.

Likewise, I moved on to the next question and felt almost the same like the last one. ‘Thank you GOD’, I chanted within. Delighted. But, also I was utterly shocked over the choice of questions which the CBSE board people had put; I knew them all, actually, till then, just 2. But, acha to lagta hi he.

Phew… Same way I skimmed over the entire paper, filled up the requisite details and also planned my strategy on how I have to tackle it, within 15mins. In fact, no strategy existed, bas bolne ki cheez he.

Finally, I initiated answering from the last question having maximum marks weightage, in the best way possible and with the best font-style available to me from a newly bought pen.

Indeed, it is used to be in childhood that naya pen to lena hi he, NO matter whether we are acquainted with the answers or not. Pen naya hona chahiye!

Apparently, I got carried away and went on writing about 8 pages for that answer. Yes, 8 pages! Answer banta tha yaar!

As a matter of fact, it ALWAYS happens with almost every student that the 1st answer takes the most time to complete. I don’t know what sort of sorcery or what is the reason behind it, but by default, 1st answer is the longest and the most time consuming one.

Anyway, back to the scene, question number 30 was finished and I gave a sigh of relief. 6 marks instantly flashed in my mind. Truly, it was a blissful moment. Prayers were showing the effects.

Thereafter, I turned to question number 29 and solved it with a champ-like-expression, but then only I realized that I made a major mistake in it. It was a tricky question, similar to those given in the extra-knowledge section of every other guide.

I moved on to the next question following my little rule:
‘No matter what happens to your last answer, keep moving. Exam is a battle. For God’s sake please survive.’

The tension could be easily seen on my face. The happiness of the 30th question, successfully solved, vanished. Consequently, I started with the next question, this time I knew the question but NOT the answer. Oh GOD why?
Following my rule, I attempted the next 6 questions, not-giving-a-fuck whether I did correctly or not.

I could have easily panicked because of 1 obvious reason i.e. THE PAPER WAS GETTING SCREWED, but I kept calm and went on answering the next 12 questions putting every possible logic and brain and whatever I had in that little tissue. The only motive was to finish it on time and of course, attempt all the 30 questions. Plus, answering it to the level of complacency of the examiner or at least copy down the same question if the solution is totally unknown, was the priority.

Ultimately, I had 11 questions and 10mins. So unfairBut, since I was so desperate with my aim, as mentioned above, I went on writing whatever shit came in my mind. Whatever.

The writing speed was faster than Brett Lee’s bowling pace.

Suddenly, ‘You have 5mins more’, said the examiner who seemed to be more interested in leaving the room than the students.

He had his reasons, I can understand. Who on God’s great Earth would like to be in a silent room surviving boredom for 3 hours straight that too with so many students-cum-warriors? No one!

I shifted the gear and jotted the answer sheet with something which was difficult to read. I felt sorry for the copy checker. Instead, he will be sorry for me, I thought.

‘Your time is over. STOP WRITING NOW’, the examiner startled all of us with his voice along with the message; especially me. His voice resembled to that of an angry Sunny Deol ji, so powerful that it would make you shit in your pants, if you hear it abruptly. Fortunately, I hadn’t had anything for 12 hours that day. May GOD bless my roommates’ washing machine!

As a result, I stopped writing immediately; actually, I was done a few secs before that hila-deni-wali voice came.

The last few mins of the exam are the smallest mins in everyone’s life. Sach me.

Finally, the battle was over, it was finished and perhaps, I was doomed!

‘How did it go?’, one or the other person inquired.
‘Just went’, I responded to each one of them fighting the dilemma within over the same question.

Ultimately, I was on the vehicle heading back home, hoping I don’t have to answer too many questions after reaching there.

I was looking forward to the upcoming hurricane of Maths; Math-rina!

Face it on the next post.


  1. you seem to be in ultimate love with physics. or may be I gather its your recently developed obsession..:P
    btw coming back to the post ..m sure that your answers rather than convincing must have confused the examiner correcting your paper . seriously..! God bless him..:P
    nice post..:)

    1. Ironically, am truly, madly and deeply in love with Physics :D :P
      And, yeah, it seems that the examiner must have definitely got confused!
      and, finally, Thank you :)

  2. this reminded me of the time when i was in school.. i once got a 16 out of 100 in physics.. but it had such impact, that in the next exam i studied real hard.. got pretty good marks too!!

    your blog always manages to send me back to those fun years!!!

    and remove the word verification.. go to settings and then comment and turn it off.. its irritating!

    1. I'm pleased to know that my posts are a reason for someone's temporary bliss. :)
      And, point noted sir :)
      #word verification has been turned off!

  3. jittery feelings of exams in school days .. thank God school days are over a decade back.. that too science .. and maths .. the only subjects I could never fall in love with ever

    1. Hahaha! I can understand because after opting those subjects I realized that it was an infatuation :D

  4. I hate physics! I am a medical student and just don't understand y I hav to study physics! I mean a doctor does not need physics for anything! But rule is a rule

    I know meri issey bhi buri haalat hone wali hai
    #shit man I need to study and I am reading your blog

    1. There are a lot of similar questions that I used to contemplate about when I was at your stage. But then, eventually, life gave the answers to each and every question which used to confuse me! :)

      And, I don't know why you are reading my blog! One possible explanation might be, the posts are connecting? You can answer that :)

      Keep visiting O:)

    2. Ya amd that they are damn funny nd interesting!!!

    3. I just love it when people come back to check for a reply! :)
      Thank you! :)

      Keep visiting O:)

    4. Ya I still was not studying and killing my time on Blogger (like I am doing it right now too!! :P)

    5. Killing time is the favorite pass-time activity of students :D Same pinch for that :P