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A Distinct Love Story- Part 1

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There was this guy named Sahil; an ambivert, not-so-handsome, dreamer and possessing a relationship-single status. His life was like a roller-coaster with numerous ups and downs. Moreover, adding to his fact-profile, he was way more mature than the person much above his age group.

His life was nothing but a loop of waking-up, surviving, Facebook, sleeping and waking up again. He has gone through a variety of relationships, had met a lot of amazing people and ignored the ones who wanted him to change according to their choice.  

One fine day in his loop cycle, he meets a girl while surviving the day. Her name was Nikita, she was a year junior, a little shorter than him, fair, extremely pretty; In short, a nymph. Their eyes meet, it was obvious, as she had some work with him. But, out of this sheer obviousness, Sahil was completely taken by her aura, precisely, the ultra-charming fairy!

Later that night, he searches the girl on Facebook, finds her successfully and presses the ‘send friends request’ tab. Expectations rise to the sky when after 2 days long wait she accepts his request.
‘Phew, finally the Facebook-friends’, he sighs, contemplating about a lot of impossible future events.

Unlike every other boy-girl love stories, this was a little different. They actually neither could talk much in real life nor in the social world. The girl hardly showed-up in either of the 2 places. So, sadly, the beginning of the conversation and becoming friends took a little more time than usual. But, patience paid off, they were friends. Sahil was delighted.

One day he gets to know that the girl is in a relationship but this doesn’t change anything in him. He was still that sweet, that head-eating creature. All he ever wanted was to be her friend, maybe he wished for a little more, but clearly, he wasn’t obsessed with that dream.

The story went ahead and good. He gradually got a little addicted to her and adding to his happiness, she enjoyed his company as well. But, it was him, who had to make efforts for everything. She had more that queen-Elizabeth-type attitude (no offense), as she already had someone to care, apart from Sahil. Many a times, she had left the chat without any prior information and he ended up waiting for hours, in vain. Although, she used to apologize the next time she comes online after a week or so, but the damage was done, a mere sorry couldn’t mend it. Nothing possibly could. But, in spite of all this, Sahil was happy, though  a little disappointed but happy.

Everything seemed to be fine when 1 bad day she conveys the message to him that she is going abroad for higher studies and that she might not remain in touch as often as she used to be. May be not at all.

For Sahil, it was way too more than a nightmare. He would be left alone, shattered, not having a talk with her was definitely going to affect him severely. His condition was undoubtedly going to be more like a drug addict who goes to rehab when he doesn’t want to.

So, what will happen next? Will he devastate himself in her memories? Or will he confess his love to her? Find out in the next part which will come out VERY soon :)
Plus, for the people who are waiting for CHAPTER 5: Math-Rina- The Hurricane, the sequel to CHAPTER 4: PHYSICS, please keep a little more patience :) 

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  1. nice..waiting to read the next part..:)

  2. Oh that's so nice read..Eagerly waiting for the Next Part..Please make it soon.. :-)

    1. Thank you :)
      And, it will be posted really soon :)
      For getting the exact date, kindly follow 'Simply Said' on Facebook :)