Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Why Do We Celebrate Independence Day?

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It was the 67th Independence Day of India and I was at K.A.S.H.T.I (A group of youths working towards the betterment of society through education), celebrating with the kids. Factually, there was no class that day, so the kids were playing, laughing and what not? In short, they were extremely cheerful.  But, the bliss increased many folds when they came to know that we gonna dispense sweets, specifically, boondi to them.

However, we (other volunteers of K.A.S.H.T.I) decided to render a little information about the importance of that day to them. So, consequently, we gave them a very lucid idea about why we celebrate Independence Day. Through their expressions, one could have easily guessed that they understood everything from tip-to-toe. We were delighted. Perhaps, they were too.

Now, came the time, when the sweets were to be distributed, so we made them sit on a platform and started distributing sequentially from left to right.

The kids were overjoyed who got the perk and the others were patient enough to receive their part.

Ankeeta Shrivastava photography
When I reached to this little kid, just to check whether she still remember what we told them about the Independence Day, I asked her:

‘Mujhe aap batao ki hum Independence Day kyun manate he? (Tell me, why do we celebrate Independence Day?) and also added, ‘Aap agar sahi answer doge, to me aapko 2 boondi ke packet dunga’ (If you will give the correct answer, then I will give you 2 packets of Boondi) and smiled in anticipation of a correct answer.

She got a little jittery. I kept waiting with a curve fixed on my face. Finally, after a few secs, she looked into my eyes and with the sweetest-endearing smile that any kid can ever show; she replied, ‘Boondi ke liye’ (For sweets).

I grinned and handed her 2 packets of sweets which were certainly not as sweet as her answer combined with the mesmerizing smile. After that, she stood on her legs, came a little closer to me and hugged.

I lifted her up with a feeling-loved-expression and gave her another packet of Boondi.

Truly, it was the 15th AWWWGUST and undoubtedly, we celebrate this day for having free sweets :D


  1. Wow..That's is such a sweet feeling you had and surely the best Independence Day.. :-)
    'Boondi ke liye',their innocence answered a lot of things,we celebrate I-Day is search of Boondi actually but have never been able to achieve it..But I believe slowly and surely things are going to change..

  2. touched.
    independence has it own definition for everyone. for some it means freedom of thought..for some a gift. for some a hope..and the blessed are those for whom its a state of mind, for whom small things matter.
    salute to k.a.s.t.h.i for bringing up hope n shine in those eyes..:)