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The doomsday (Board exam) was near and we all were busy in our home trying very hard to kill the time. Procrastination is a naturally installed habit in every human being. Just in my case, it keeps upgrading its version with every passing year.

Palash, Prakhar and I finished up almost 5 chapters from every subject. Almost. Shocking, isn’t it? We were in shock too. So, it was the remaining 10 chapters which were to be finished somehow before the Judgment day.

I opened the Physics book and at once skimmed through the index.

‘Mother of Syllabus’, I said to myself envisaging over the sleepless nights which were about to come.

10 goddamn chapters, that too ultra-huge and incredibly confusing were left to be done to the level of complacency. Who the hell decides the syllabus, I thought. But, like always, I procrastinated studying and slept eventually. As expected, I didn't disappoint myself and anybody who has a massive trust over my laziness.

Can you imagine, 3 days were left for the first paper to chunk us with 10 chapters in hand and I was in deep slumber like I hadn’t had it since the Akbar’s death. Yeah, that’s me! I don’t give bullshit about papers. Neend puri honi chahiye bas.

Likewise, the night-out –with-the-books day came. It is the same time when a large number of houses can be seen with the lights on for most or all part of the night. Also, numerous empty cups which had tea/coffee once. It was the day before the commencement of the paper.

9 chapters in one day or super-specifically, 9 chapters in 23 hours and 56mins. Science bitch.
Now, it was time for the PC to shut down and the mobile phone to be switched-off. Why CBSE board, why you NO give chota sa syllabus to study?

Seriously, when I started studying, the wall of my room and the rotating fan seemed to be a hell lot enticing than the book. But, I was entitled like every other student of the same age as mine to swot to the best possible level and to consequently save our asses. Race thi. I just wanted to finish-up decent.

I started mugging-up the large answers with more marks weightage and likewise, in decreasing order. By evening, I somehow finished up 3 chapters. Now, 6 chapters in 12 hours were the target.

For a minute I thought about the students who cheat in the exams and never get caught. How lucky they are and brave at the same time. Definitely, they have balls, as well as the chits in their undies or in various other places. On the contrary, I think twice before asking for an extra supplementary sheet. Itni sharam aati.

Anyway, the night finally came and my back ached like never before. But, majboori; padhna to he hi. Now, the count was 6 hours and 4 chapters. Laholbilakubat.

I washed my face and started studying like, now-or-never. 6 hours straight and guess what? 2 chapters were still left. Those 2 were the big ones and I had NO clue what to do with them. As a result, I made a small plan of just going through the examples of those 2 chapters during the journey to the exam center.

I quickly finished up the daily routine tasks of brushing up and all that. I skipped the breakfast, as wasn’t feeling well cause of the lack of sleep. Sleep is important.

‘Beta, taiyaari ho gyi poori? Kuch bhoole to nhi?’, mumma asked with a lot of hope in her eyes.
‘Han mumma, bas padhna bhool gya hun’, I sarcastically quoted in my mind.
‘Han, ho hi gyi he’, I replied. What else one can say?
‘Good, acha karna’.
I love Urdu although am not Muslim nor I know anything above a few Urdu words which I keep using frequently. Shabd Prem.

Anyway, I took their (parents) blessings and left with my friend to the exam-center. He was driving and I was busy executing the little plan which I made that morning. What shit will the paper bring with it? How will I perform? And many such infinite questions kept distracting me.

I was really nervous and numb contemplating about the paper. What if my friends perform better than me?, I thought and at once became gloomy. Really, peer pressure kills you if the pressure from parents is not enough for the job.

We reached to the center-of-havoc, totally clueless. Eventually, I was on my war-zone; place of writing the paper. Uncountable ‘all the best’ began transmitting. Finally, I started bribing the Almighty for passing me in this exam with good marks and thought for the best to happen.

So, how did the paper go? Was it good enough or vice-versa? Find out in the next post.

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  1. lol.. u really have a way with words..:)
    and since its physics exam I m sure u must have done great...:D *easy.isn't it? " ;)
    waiting for the continuation.....!

    1. Hahaha... you know, that '23hours and 56mins' wala point I got to put all cause of you. :D
      Thanks to you and your Physics O:)
      And, this subject is easy for you ma'am not for me :P

  2. Same story dude. School, college...same story ;)

  3. :-)

    reminded me my school days..........
    nicely done post varun.


    1. Thank you ma'am :)
      Glad to know that the most became the cause of reminisce of the past :)

  4. hahaha.. just got don with my college.. missing those school and college days now!!

    and “mother of syllables”… you really say that!! LOL!! I understand not everything can be typed!!!

    hey I love the look of your blog btw!

    if you wish, do visit my blog.. i just started blogging a week m a newbie compared to you!

    its a blog of my observations of the world around with a humorist approach..

    1. Hahaha! Thank you Aersh :)

      And will fore sure visit your blog :)

  5. Haha... good recollection of those days! ;)

  6. hahhha! this was too good..:D
    well all i can say is I KNOW HOW IT FEELS..:p
    and icing ,cherry and toppings on the cake were the images..:D

    1. Hahahahahaha! :D
      Delighted to know that you loved it :)

  7. Shit!!!
    That is exactly what I am going through right now!!
    Is this a universal experience? :-D:-D

    1. Of course, this is a universal experience :P
      Everybody goes through it some or the other time in their life.
      But, it passes on and brings in happiness and ecstasy, provided, people work hard :)

      Keep visiting O:)