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The plan for ‘saving our asses from the Board exams’, which we called as ‘Beat the Boards’, was in progress!

‘Hey let’s just cut this crap for some time and have a walk till the washroom’, Prakhar beckoned!

It is always in a friend circle that even if one has to go pissing, everyone else instantly generates an urge to piddle!

So, we headed to the toilet bantering all the way through! Finally, we were there but the place seemed quiet new to us, contradicting the fact that we have been pissing there for the last 6 years!

Hey guys, when did the management get so many cabins for us?, Palash asked surprisingly!
‘We have no idea about it man’, Prakhar and I replied in unison, equally astounded to see the clean walls with no remarks for the teachers on it!
Well, it is a disgrace to the boys’ toilet if you don’t find hybrid abuses incorrectly written for several teachers, love confessions and remarkable drawings of human body parts, some unmentionable ones!

‘Oh wait! On which floor are we?’,I asked worriedly!

‘I guess, it’s the 2nd floor’, Prakhar replied!

After an awkward silence, I shouted,’ WHAT THE FUDGE! WE ARE IN A GIRL’S TOILET!!!!! GET THE ASS OUT OF HERE!!!’, and we ran towards the exit!

As soon as we came out of the toilet, a maid rushed towards us with a ‘what-the-f@%k’ expression and asked with suspicion, ‘What you guys were doing in there?!!!’

‘N… No.. Nothing at all. We forgot’! I instantly replied back being a hell lot nervous thinking about the consequences!

‘WHAT!!! You guys forgot your gender!!!!!’, she fired right away!

‘Aunty, we are sorry for the trouble but we just forgot that we were on the 2nd floor and went inside the girls’ toilet’, Prakhar told her!

‘Plus, there was no girl inside the toilet’, I added, thinking this might save us from the ruthless consequences!

‘Let’s go to the principal’, she said and asked us to form a line and start moving towards the ‘room-of-death’!

We started moving slower than a snail or perhaps Internet Explorer! We were petrified, terrified and every –ied that would describe fear!

There are times in life when you really don’t understand what to do next! And, it was one such moment, even worse but I gave a last try to save us from the upcoming problems.

‘Aunty, do you know who we are’, I asked her!

‘No’, she replied!

As soon as she replied, I murmured,‘Guys, run’, and we ran like Osain Bolt.
Trust me, have it been the Olympics, surely we would have achieved a Bronze medal at the least!

All of this shit happened because of the architect of the school. A boys’ toilet which was on the right on the 1st floor was on the left on the 2nd floor and vice-versa for the Girls’ toilet! And since we were so busy pulling each other’s leg that we didn’t notice we were on the 2nd floor and got in the wrong toilet!

‘Gosh, Ain’t pissing anymore in this school’, Prakhar said breathing heavily!

‘Same here’!

‘It was a lucky escape man, plus, we were fortunate that there wasn’t any girl inside otherwise we would have been dead by now’, I said thoughtfully!

‘Han yaar’!

‘But, what if she makes a search in every class’, Palash asked anxiously!

‘Don’t worry about it dude! It’s the last lecture going on, so even if they make a search then it is practically impossible for them to seek in every class! Plus, we would be staying in the canteen until the dispersal bell rings! Moreover, the upcoming 2 days are off for us so the possibilities for any unfortunate thing to happen reduces to almost zero! And, most importantly, the issue isn’t that big. We were undoubtedly very lucky that there wasn’t any girl inside plus the maid doesn’t know our names! And possibly, she might also forget our faces in the days to come-by, so relax!’, I said with confidence and felt like Sherlock Holmes for a few secs! Really!

‘You are one goddamn genius dude’, Prakhar said and patted on my back!

After that we all laughed at the entire happening over and over again discussing every possibility and passing silly jokes in between until the break-bell rang! 

Sitting in the bus we just prayed for the things to turn right at the time to come as we, or I should say, I can’t hold the waste-water for so long! :P


  1. rofl..:D :D :D
    very well put..
    thnx for stopping by..:) regards..:)

    1. It was an unexpectedly awesome experience :P :D :)

  2. ha ha..
    school memories are full of such anecdotes.. :)

  3. Haha..ebullient touch!!
    Vernacular language too...:-)

    1. Thank you :)
      keep commenting, meri vocabulary improve ho rahi :D

  4. dude! :D nice one!
    maid left me rofling..

    "what, you guys forgot your gender? "

    1. Thank you :D :P :))))
      Maid intimidated us that time :P
      And, I guess, we literally forgot our gender for a few secs back then :P But luckily, jaldi yaad aa gya :D :D :P:P:P

  5. Yeh toh 3 Idiots ke scene jaisa tha when they submit their paper late...;)
    Just reading about it is making me LMAO...:D :'D

    1. Inspiration was from that flick itself :D Thank you RajKumar Hirani ji O:)

  6. Wat an xperiance, yaar!!! Amazing!!!
    Literally tumhari to phat gyi thi hahaha

    Even our school has the same system for washrooms on different floors, so to prevent such incident with people such as you they boys' door blue and girls' red... Thank God!!!

    But stil this is hilarious!!!

    1. Literally phat gyi thi. :P
      But, somehow we escaped :D
      Ah! That is a great thing :)
      Glad to know that you enjoyed this post!
      Keep visiting O:)