Thursday, 9 May 2013


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There are always certain things which are common between you and your friends and my case is not an exception to it of course :P

Palash, Prakhar and me (Paresh) were friends since we found out the common factor of ‘procrastination’ in us. Moreover, we screwed up results together, bunked classes together and the most usual, always went united to washroom :D (NOTE: We weren’t gay of course).

It was the maths lecture going on and we 3 were yawing in the best way possible!  :P

Sometimes I really wondered why did we choose maths, especially me; when I really know nothing about it. Well, it is a part and parcel of life to make mistakes. (Yes! Taking Maths is a mistake if you don’t feel like solving it :P )

Anyway, the Board exams were coming in and the tension was building up! So, we made a plan to pass the boards :P (With 1 month in hand, a below average student can’t aim above just passing! Accept it! Reality me jeena seekho :D )

‘We are going to screw it man’, Palash said in a cheeky way!

‘Of course dude, we will screw it big time’, I replied! :D

Mission ‘Beat the Boards’ was initialized and we three were on it!

(Will the mission be accomplished? :P Find out in the upcoming posts )