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Biology class was going on which is obviously boring, you can’t help it! Even the teacher can’t help it! But suddenly, a voice got me up from a sweet short nap!

‘May I get in ma’am’, a beautiful girl, super-properly dressed asked the teacher to come inside the class.

She was a newcomer and was nervous for the same reason!

Mother of luck! She sat next to me as there was by God’s grace a vacancy! I have been a proud back bencher since childhood! But was lucky for the first time :P

‘Hi, Shubh here, welcome to our not-so-Shubh school’, I started with some humor without wasting any time! Humor, my forte.

 It is quiet natural to dislike your school until you leave it! Everyone does!

Her name was Sakshi! She was new to the city!

The day ended talking about general-thus-boring stuffs! One really can’t help it but this is the way conversations start. Awkward indeed.

Next morning she was there again, next to me! I knew this was temporary but still I was happy!

The Annual function was about to come and so preparation regarding it were to be done, adding to the fact, students are always up for such time-wasting stuffs! It feels good inside, isn’t it?

Fortunately, I was given the poster making work as I have been an artist since childhood. Brag karna padta he yaar! :P

But the blissful moment was when Sakshi was made my partner! I had NO clue how that happened but I was happy enough not to care about that either!

Life is so strange, a day before I was yawing uncontrollably sitting at the back bench of my class and today, I’am unbelievably happy! Life is insanely strange, one moment, you have nothing, the next, you have more than you can cope with.

‘Happy with this work’, I asked her out of desperation!
‘Yeah, at least it is better than attending those sucking classes’, she smirked!
'Yeah. . . You are right', I nodded.

This way we past the rest 3 hours of the school! It was a nice long conversation! Unlike the one-sided ones! I wished to have the same time the next day as well!

I always wonder, what is that thing in the opposite gender which makes you go crazy and utter almost everything about you and your life which you wouldn’t normally do with your other same-gender-friends! Well, whatever it is, it is the ONLY thing responsible for getting us in trouble. Fake Rumors, Shitty talks, Heartbreaks etc. etc. Just name it.

So, as the days went by, we happened to be good friends! We didn’t quote it! But I knew we were good friends! At least I started to think that way! So, I asked her phone number keeping my finger’s crossed! And, after a facial analysis, or whatever, which was awkward, she gave me that!

Tadaaaa! Nobel prize! Finally, I could cease forward messaging to friends and get into some real conversations! Despicable me! :D

After school, it has been just texting and a hell lot of talks! While texting, I guess, people turn into a different personality! Witty, clever and what not? They acquire every possible characteristic which is often quite missing when talking face-to-face!

Night long texts are quite normal for new people who find each other enticing and are willing to sacrifice SLEEPING! I don't know how one can give up a whole sleep! I can’t sacrifice a nap! May be I just did! :P

Love, it makes us do everything! Everything!

I was in love with her! I felt, she was the one! We often don’t know the reason for why we are so connected to someone, but we are, and that is what is important. The connection. The feeling.

I had no courage to tell her that! Obviously, the reason was the consequences of my confession! What if she denies? What will I do after that? And many such frightful thoughts kept bothering me.

But, one fine day we were left with lots of pending work, which was urgent to be completed,  as the days were less for the Annual day. So we decided to stay-back after dispersal. We both informed at home about it.

There was no one except us in that lab where we were working. Suddenly I started to look at her. She looked prettier than ever. I held her hands.

'What are you doing Shubh'?????!!!!!!!!, she asked abruptly dragging her hands back.

And then I began saying . . . . . Thinking, ‘If I don’t go after I want, I might end up my life regretting about it’. Awful.

"You know Sakshi, you had me in the first hello itself"
She kept quiet but I continued.....

"You are beautiful. You are my dream girl. I really Love You".

Damn! The same old, boring and extremely cheesy line, I could have done better, I cursed myself!

But, it was full of emotions! True emotions! And, if emotions count, provided they get noticed, then she won’t reject me on this basis! I was sure.
She remained silent for a few seconds and then said, 'You are kidding me, right ????!!!!!

'No! Why would I joke? I really love you from the bottom of my heart', I replied ardently.
Yes, it was full of passion, The first time you get in love, you are passionate about it! If you are not, then probably you are not in love.

After a short heart-attack-giving silence, her eyes started to say everything. Those became watery. And then she replied.

'I too love you Shubh. I always did but feared confessing, contemplating that you might reject me'!

Holy Jesus! Why people start predicting such crap and screw up everything! Nevertheless of the fact, they screw up either way! :P

'Oh, please ! Don't make me feel small. It's my pleasure to be with you', I soothed her by saying this, holding her hands!

We remained silent for some time and then hugged. It was a heartwarming moment for us.

That day we promised each other to be always together for the rest of the life. And guess what ?

She is my wife today ! J


  1. but its way too long... this might be because a small real part in this fiction which u wanted to write, cos u liked it, was lenghty :)

  2. resemblance wid two states one...

    1. It might resemble as every other Love Story (At least in Novels, Blogs and Movies) has the same ending :)

  3. is this a fiction.....
    or something else..?????
    jus ans it really want to knw.....

    hmmmm........nice story bt wheather the ending is possible.??

    hope to have a response

    1. It is sort of a fiction!
      Well, the ending is of course possible if the people are committed to such an extent!

  4. It deserves a VOV!!
    Ny1 can easily relate d story 2 him/herself dat develops interest in d story..
    Simple yet gives nostalgic feelin..days d reason I cudn't resist mahself readin it in 1 Go....keep it up!!

  5. Its very nice.. Really ..i like it... Good work varun... Hope soon I would b reading a novel written by u...:-)

    1. Thank you :)
      That's sweet of you!
      #alhamdulillah O:)

  6. Rare writing - honest and fresh.... never stop. never stop. :)) We have all become so self conscious and write for a market. But this is so precious, like first love...

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment :)
      Pleased O:)

  7. you, my dear friend, are the king of high school romance stories!!! I have been reading your blog regularly and it is always so young.. so fresh!!

    1. Hahahaha! Obliged to receive such a title :)
      But, it is just your generosity pal O:)
      Thank you :)

  8. Heheheheheheheeehehehhhahahahahahahahahahabbbbuuuuuuwwwwaahahahahwhahwahwhawha :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    This is so cute! You are so cute

    1. Thank you :) *ear to ear smile*

      This was my first take on school romance and every time when somebody praises me for it, feels good. :)