Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Real Hunger

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It was Sunday and I was attending a small party in the backyard of  Mishras Apartment. I was talking to one of my friends, when suddenly my eyes got stuck on a little boy. Through his appearance anybody could have judged that he was not the party-member. He belonged to some 'unlucky ones'. 

He was lean and thin and wore an extremely untidy T-shirt quoting, 'I love India', having numerous holes on it! He wore a short pant and slipper! He seemed like he hasn't had a bath for many days and some food either! His eyes were moving from one dish to the other and was drooling immensely! 

Looking at some kids like this makes you feel sorry! You just can't change the situations for them despite of the fact how willingly you want it! But, you can give them joy, though for a short time but, 'happiness is happiness', everybody likes it!

So, I went to him carrying my plate which contained a variety of dishes like Palak paneer, gulabjamun, dal makhni . . . Etc. Etc.

Well, it is human nature that if you find someone who doesn't have the basic requirements, you immediately feel like helping them in some or the other way. Sadly, now-a-days, people are really self-centered.

"Aapko Kuch chahiye"?, I asked him politely.
He kept silent !
"Roti sabji chahiye, ya kuch aur?", I confirmed.

Then he said,"Roti to hum kamakar kha lenge, aap mujhe wo Gulabjamun de dijiye", pointing towards the one kept on my plate.

And then I handed that to him. He smiled and said, 'Thank O (Thank you)' and went!
'Awwww'! He said thank you to me in his own accent! :)

That day I realized, ki bhookh Sirf roti ki nhi hoti! Plus, you can still be happy even if you have nothing, as it doesn't need a reason!


  1. unlucky one with some real attitude :)

  2. what i love the most is the fact he wore a "I love India" t-shirt. So ironical… strong punch!!!

    intense work eh… and i thought you wrote just love stories… well done!!

    1. Thank you :)
      And, I try writing on every issue of daily life. :)

  3. great work brother...keep posting..