Friday, 19 November 2010

The Mysterious Robber

Friday, November 19, 2010 By , 14 comments

The days in school were passing good until the start of some robberies...

Every other day some or the other things were found missing. Obviously, I was least bothered about these things until it happened to me.’The die was cast’, the culprit vanished away with my 'Maths copy'. It was dear to me, as I spent 5 hours in completing it by peeping through the guide the day before the invigilation.

I was angry but this anger gave birth to my inner 'Sherlock Holmes', for a greater good. I then, took the initiative to catch that mysterious guy, of course, apne aap me, no formal announcements. Also, the reward of two Perks was kept which further motivated me!

The very next day I started with my mission; 'Operation Perk'. I asked the school-peons and maids to keep me updated with every suspicious thing they see. As expected, they didn’t do it. Who the hell reports to a kid? So, I had to eat their heads out every morning and after dispersal.

Moreover, I started spying during recess and physical education periods. Damn you thief, I had to skip playing in the games period. A child’s nightmare.

Sadly, many days went unrewarded but we had to keep patience. Aur karte bhi kya?

Finally, the day came when the thief was no more mysterious for the class, as he was spotted stealing an eraser by the peon. 

Eraser! Yahi mila steal karne ko!

Anyway, the peon immediately informed the class teacher about the scene. Thereafter, as obvious, he (the thief) was brutally punished. The stolen things were redistributed. Ultimately, I got back my ' Maths copy along with that I was the owner of two Perks. I don’t know how! But I was and that was more important.

At last, ‘Operation Perk' was successful and I became the Hero!


  1. sweet little interesting things... nice 1.. :)

  2. Operation Perk was quite a success..
    your tidbits are really fun to read Carun..

  3. ahh.. could have added a bit more of suspense!! may be a bit of investigating… but otherwise once again brings back those memories!!

    in my hostel we had these series of robberies once!! very much similar to what you described!!

    1. I've prepared a mental note for next time if I write any story with suspense will put a little more of investigation for sure! :)
      Thank you for the feedback :)

  4. Now we have our own Sherlock Holmes ..yayy!!

    Lovely anecdote, btw :D