Sunday, 19 October 2014

An experiment with fate

Sunday, October 19, 2014 By , , 2 comments

It is my first experiment with posting on this blog through my cell phone. The reason behind it is just not confined within the experimental boundaries, but extend to reveal my ever green curiosity to express my thoughts (sometimes even weird).

Anyway, let me tell you the reason why I wrote this post?

It was almost midnight when I made up my mind to pen it down. By the way, I've my way of revealing things that mostly resembles to that of the news channels. Important part strikes later. But, with that being said, ain't giving you permission to skip to the last part of this post (in Bane's voice). So, stick around....please! 

Anyway, that time I was listening to Ninidya Re (good song; recommended) and just gazing at the screen of my cellphone wondering about a lot of things, which I'm very sure a lot of people definitely do right before they go to sleep.

However, out of all those countless thoughts, 1 thing entitled me to write this post. And the thing was, I realized that the more you run behind what you want in life, faraway it goes.

I won't tell you how did I infer this conclusion, but 1 thing I would definitely want you to do. Firstly, find out a thing that you have been desperately trying to get since a long time but somehow it has remained aloof.

Now, once done with the first step, try to think as less about that thing. Just avoid thinking about it as much as possible.

With time, it might happen that you forget about that thing; Not kidding! And, suddenly 1 day, out of the blue, that wish might come true and you would be tongue-tight and elated, both at the same time.

However, in spite of everything being said and done, please do not apply this thing for educational goals. Reason being, for that 1 thing, there are no shortcuts. You will have to work hard to achieve goals associated with it.

But, for everything else, this thing might come as a surprise to you. Happy experimentation!