Thursday, 20 November 2014

A joke that went wrong!

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I was talking to one of my friends today and got complimented for being humorous. Yeah, you guessed it right, the friend was a female. Reason being, boys do not compliment their friends (male) at all, or do it behind their back, but never on the face. The only thing that they do upfront is abuse and smirk after that! The ugly truth!

Can I, please?

Anyway, the compliment reminded me of an incident that was 3 years old. It is of the time when I was new to college life. And that was a phase when I got a lot of lessons on communication: When to start? With whom to start? And what to start with?

So, it was a normal day which was about to take a U-turn. I logged into Facebook that day, just like a routine, in the evening. I kept scrolling for about an hour or so; judged people through their status updates and photos. And even posted a few of my own and kept waiting for the likes, as always!

Out of the blue, I recalled one of the important things from my daily life. Normally, the notification of such “important” stuffs popped up while I used to be in college. But, that day was something different and thus this strange anomaly happened.

So, to clear out that stuff, I checked on my chat list for any senior. Luckily, I found one. So, without wasting time, I went ahead, bang bang bang and the questions were sent. Now, only I had to wait for the answers! Simple job it seemed to me!

He started writing the answers and those kept getting delivered to me every time he pressed ENTER. The conversation seemed absolutely fine. In fact, it was so fine that my inner self got enormously excited (not in the wrong way) and then I did something which I regret now.

The messages that he typed were quite difficult to read, frankly. Reason being, he was using the sms language which ain’t very fond of or even used to! So, my inner Kapil Sharma got activated and I sneered at him for the same.

I said, “It seems like by the end of this conversation, I will have a degree in archeology.”
He asked, “How?”

And I jotted this line with a grin on my face, “because it is difficult to read your hand writing which truly resembles those from the ancient times.”

And tada, this is how I triggered the bomb; literally!

He got enraged and replied me furiously which was clear through his words. How? Those were in Hindi and contained something we call as “abusive” words profusely!

I was totally stunned because I never really expected such a reaction from anybody. It has been my favorite job to pull people’s leg but the table never got turned in this way at all!
I immediately threw in the towel and surrendered. The guy was muscular and he could have beaten the shit out of me. Adding to the fact, he was a senior too. So, double death was waiting ahead had I reacted in any way except apologetically!

Truly, madly and deeply!

So, I began with the universal line “I am sorry” and ended with “I won’t repeat it again”.
Now, guess what? He wasn’t convinced. Who would? The lines I used to apologize were too lame, old and short. Apology has to be written in long sentences (if a paragraph, then better) with sorry as an integral part which 1 must embed in as many places as they can, as only then, the feelings are transferred; digitally transferred (Bluetooth doesn’t work here)!

This thing went on for 30mins straight and I almost wanted to pee 60 times in that while! The moment we stopped the conversation with him forgiving me for the last time and me taking notes from this massacre; I went on to block him and made up my mind to skip the college for the next 3 days! Prevention is better than cure, I recalled.

Hufff…. Once done with the blocking, I gave a sigh of relief and went to pee. After coming back, I made it a point not to indulge into a super friendly conversation that involves even a pinch of mockery with anyone, especially strangers. Because, you never know, which statement the other person might find offensive. And, if you are not muscular, or a person with contacts to such people, then you just might end up in the nearest hospital or come across some “you-know-what” words which you might not like to hear! 


  1. Been there...super friendly female suddenly decides I made some joke at her. I still don't get what I said that might have offended that tough nut. Hahaha Having said that I'm still not fazed at saying what I have to say. Those get it. ...well we're still friendly. The rest drop off my radar. Nice blog.

    1. Haha! There is something we can both relate to. :P
      Thank you :)

      Keep visiting O:)

  2. Hehe..U blocked ur senior after mocking at him! U got guts LOL

    1. Well, circumstances made me do that my lord, I swear! :P

      Keep visiting O:)

  3. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Mast hai yaar!
    Laughed through out reading this!!!
    These seniors are stupid actually they can't do anything... being all that muscular is them hiding their inner little child :-P :-P
    Dont get worried about them :D

    P.S. Back on blogging :)

    1. Ah! That is so good to know. And, happy to see you again! :)
      And, no comments on seniors! :X
      Plus, that happened 3 years ago. Now, I'm the most senior :P

      Keep visiting O:)

    2. Oh! Umm... Well I was talking about muscular seniors then :P not all seniors :P
      I am sure you are a good senior :D ;)

    3. Haha! Alright!
      Well, yeah that is what majority of the juniors say about me! :D

      Keep visiting :)

  4. hahahahahha varun join gym and unblock him ;) :p or hannn patel saab pr to esa try bhi mat krna ;)

    btw well written buddy :)