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A strange encounter inside a bank

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In an era of internet banking, one still has to visit a bank for various things, like, depositing the money, because that’s not gonna fly-by from your home and get inside the internet, all by itself. Another one is, updating your passbook. And, many might question its significance, to which I would say that if you stay at home, you got to do what is being asked. ‘No questions, just pure work’, this is the rule and kids are entitled to follow.

I have to follow every single rule, else no Wi-Fi, and no food for a specific time. Food I can work out, but Wi-Fi, absolutely not. In fact, Wi-Fi is in parity with water. So, how can I relinquish such a “precious” thing?! No chance of it.

Trust this fact!

Anyways, one day I had to visit a bank for some work. I have mostly visited a government bank because my parents have their account in there. But, this 1 day brought about a new experience for me. And, it was so weird and pathetic to be frank that I had to lose huge amount of money on it. Mind it, huge sum. No kidding.

So, I went inside the bank, filled the deposit slip like always. Meanwhile, 5-10 people already interrupted me and booked their ownership on the pen after I was done, like always. And, to all those requests, I silently nodded, in spite of having a different notion inside, LIKE ALWAYS. Life inside a bank never changes, trust me!

Now, you may call me selfish or egoist, but lose your pen in the same bank to different people for consecutive weeks and I guarantee that you will understand my “selfishness”.
Anyways, even if you don’t help people with a pen, but you just can’t stop to notice their confidence while they enter a bank and ask for the same. It seems like, they pre-plan everything. And maybe, they have this dream of establishing a pen shop somewhere down the line. I mean, look at that smiling innocent face that hasn’t seen or used a pen since birth, but has heard that it is found with anyone except them in a bank.

“Bhaiya, pen milega zara?” (kasam se wapas nhi karunga)

“Han ji, ye lijiye” (meri to pen ki dukaan he na…le jao!)

Huff..! Anyway, so, one guy that looked like a student got hold of my pen after I was done scribbling down the requisites. He gave a broad smile, nodded in appreciation and went on to complete his task. And, in response, I gave a fake smile which he didn’t care to notice because he got what he wanted!

Thereafter, I stood in the line, a few steps away from him, waiting for my turn in the counter. The time went on and he seemed to be writing a novel or something. That thing agitated me a little and I could only roll my eyes hoping for a miracle. Nothing happened though!

After a few more mins, when the hope was almost on its way for cremation, he did something that cost me a few bucks; 10 precisely. And that my friend is a huge sum of money for a student. Seriously!

He brought my pen close to his mouth and started chewing it. Who the hell chews a borrowed pen? That guy was first of his kind. Seriously!

“What did you do Mr. Sucker? That’s not a chewing gum and we aren’t couples either! So, keep the pen with you and pay me for it with money, right now”, I wanted to say, but guess what? Yeah, you are right, I couldn’t.

I simply closed my eyes, bent my head down a little and scratched my forehead; just like a person who is hopelessly annoyed does. And then I made up my mind to gift that pen to him, just like that.

By the way, I did feel bad for that guy too because I scratched my butt with that pen the other day. Innocent fella didn’t know how nature was playing with him. But, to my surprise, he seemed to be enjoying the taste of it. Strange world!

Destiny, you may call it!
Meanwhile, I reached to the 1st spot in the queue and it was my turn. The work got done in a minute and I immediately left the bank with a heavy heart, abandoning the guy in his misery who was still busy tasting we-know-what.

And, by the way that accounted for my 10th pen that got either robbed or misused because I chose to be a stationary shop guy inside a bank! Take lesson from this incident and never chew a borrowed pen, ever again! 


  1. HaHaHaHaHa.... :D:D:D:D:D
    Losing a pen is actually traumatizing :P
    People just forget who's it was and then you never get it back... sigh! And when it's your favorite pen... double sigh! and when it's an expensive pilot pen... triple sigh!
    LoL :P

    1. Indeed. :D
      Haha! That's a comment with most number of sighs! :P

      Keep visiting O:)

  2. Yes, yes, this may sound petty, and as a writer l carry around many pens. That doesn't mean we/I are meant to supply the world. At the end of the day, my pen area should not be empty (at least without compensation! ). Sigh...

    1. Indeed, we aren't there to supply! Rightly said :)

      Keep visiting O:)