Thursday, 17 April 2014


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Yesterday evening, while crossing a square, I was luckily saved from crashing down to another vehicle because of a guy who thought he was playing GTA on a public road! Thank GOD, I got saved in spite of not having CEAT tires on my vehicle!

Well, this is not the end. A week ago, while returning from the 5th day’s 3rd show of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (read: Captain America: Maha Dabangg), another accident took place right in front of me (for the first time). 3 guys on a Suzuki Access, 125cc scooter (I want money for all these advertisements now) came rushing and hit on a guy who was on a bicycle! Wish I could run down to those bastards and beat the shit out of them who escaped the scene immediately. I wish! However, I helped the victim get back his senses and reassemble his almost rickety bicycle which itself seemed to have gone into a shock!

Anyway, I’m not here to advertise the brands and to tell the stories of accidents. Instead, I’m here to point to a very serious problem that we all are facing in our day-to-day life. The problem of ‘Teez-Daudti-Gaadiyan’ which are driven by non-other than ‘Mai-Ke-Laal-Show-Makers(Hindi version of Michael Schumacher) who seem to be in a competition of sending people (read: totally innocent people) to hospital.

I don’t understand why people drive so fast? If they can’t reach late, then better start early! It is good to end where you wished to than ending up at a hospital. Or in worst cases, make somebody else reach to a hospital! So, pace up with your home activities and start early to reach safely. This will save a lot of people, including you, from getting injured, trust me.

Batao na?
The other segment of people who drive fast because they think that people (especially, girls) are wishing to see them rush the guts out of their vehicle! Nobody is waiting for anybody, so dheere chala le miya. Ghar pohochna hai ki nahi? And, also keep this thing in mind, speed thrills but kills! Kills you, not the girls in a different sense! So, drive slowly “Valentino Rossi”.

The conclusion is just that there are a lot of people, including me, who want to come back home safely, every day. So, please calm down you stunt-guy-from-fast-and-the-furious and slow down your freaking vehicle for the love of GOD.

P.S: I don’t know if you are aware or not, but Michael Schumacher who was in coma because of an accident that took place last year, has finally shown small signs of progress. I wish he recovers soon. Please Pray for him!

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  1. hmm.. Rather be MR. LATE than LATE MR. !! ;-) :-)

    1. Indeed! :D
      Wise thought! :)

      Keep visiting O:)

  2. totally! people need to realize this ASAP but don't see that happening :/