Tuesday, 1 April 2014


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It is the day, provided we know the date and its significance, when we try to play a prank on everybody around us and hope to succeed with it. And, on this ironically ‘auspicious’ day, I remember a prank I once played on one of my friend.

It was 2009, and I was pretty much bored with the traditional, ‘See-there’s-a-plane’ trick. Important to mention, watching a plane on those days were a great thing for any kid! Anyway, so, I had to do something extraordinary without getting beaten up in the end, which was difficult though! Then, out of nowhere the master plan hit my mind. May be, the ‘Sona Chandi Chyawanprash’ showed its effect that day, for the first time!

So, I went to my friend’s place and somehow convinced him to play GTA (Grant Theft Auto) (Google it), on his computer. He switched on his machine and as soon as it completed loading, I asked for a glass of water. So, he went to do the needful and meanwhile, I started with the ‘Mojo-jo-jo’ plan.

I quickly took the screen shot of his desktop and made a wallpaper of it through paint (Google it too, if you are not aware; as it isn’t a tech-blog). Then, I deleted all the icons from his desktop (Note: Not permanently, as that would have been too harsh on him and later on my ass) and set that as the wallpaper. By the time he returned, I was done with the set-up. Yay, I said to myself!

He occupied his seat and clicked on the GTA shortcut on his desktop. It didn’t work (why would it?). He then tried a couple of more shortcuts in vain. Thereafter, he became gloomy and was at the verge of wetting his pants, and then, I just couldn’t control my laughter anymore. I started laughing like ‘Joker’ from Batman and he looked at me just how a sheep would look at the butcher.

After that, I recited the regular, ‘April fool banaya, bada maza aaya’ line some uncountable times, and, eventually fixed everything. I also remember, there was a terrible pain down the private parts that day while walking back home. But, I tell you, it was worth it.

Words of wisdom: Do wear guards (especially, abdo guard) the next time you wish to play a prank. It will help retain something really important.

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  1. LMAO! that's a mean trick :D Anyway an awesome one! I can now try this on someone :D

    1. Sure :) You may go for it, all packed and ready! :D
      All the best (Y)
      Keep visiting O:)

  2. LOL
    i had a bad prank played at me today :(

  3. Haha!
    I myself have tried this prank many times! :-D

    1. It is just superb, isn't it? ;)
      Bdw, welcome to my place (this blog) :)

      Keep visiting :)

  4. Ha ha! From chyawanprash to pain down there....hilarious :-D