Sunday, 28 October 2018

A life-changing theory

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“You are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

A lot of people would have come across this quote and would be like- ‘Kya baat kahin he bande ne’ and started counting those 5 people! Mene to kari he bhai, honestly.

So, if you have not done it and are seeing this quote for the first time, please do the above thing. It is fun.

**A long pause**

Now, what is your feeling around it? Are you happy after analyzing your 5 person circle? Or are you dissatisfied thinking ki saala saari problems ka yahin jad he ki circle acha nhi he? Or do you have some mixed reaction?

Whatever your reaction is, do you think you can change the equation of your life by changing those 5 people you hang out the most with? Do you think the average will better with that? Do you think you will be able to achieve more in life?

For many of us, those 5 people cannot be changed. They are an integral part of our lives for various reasons. And even for the people who can change, they cannot entirely replace people and guarantee success, isn’t it?

Matlab, esa nhi heki kal aap utho aur sabko boldo ki aaj se rishta khatam bhai.  Tu apna dekh, me apna dekhtahun! Iske baad se aapki life set! 

Gaaliyon ke saath laat bhi pad sakti he. :P

So, the last question arises, how can we better our lives, if we cannot change the 5 person circle we hang out the most with?

Here comes a simple Statistical concept which might help you.

“Averages tend to change with outliers in the data”

In simple terms, if you have a very big value in your dataset, it will automatically increase the overall average of the group and vice-versa.


Somebody might think: “Me akele kaiko mehnat karun?”

“Mat kar bhai, joint account khulwa lo sab aur dharamshala me reho”



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