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Things That One Should Never Do On Facebook

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Everybody loves to hang out on Facebook now and then whenever they get time (well, there is always time for Facebook, isn’t it?) We do variety of things over there, like; the most common one is to judge other people through their status and comments. Also, we love to chat, comment and scroll the page down doing nothing but clicking on random images that give us a sense of bliss. In short, we keep ourselves entertained in some or the other way.

Yup! That's Right.
However, while having fun, we commit some really silly things that eventually hinder our public “image”. Things that we wish we wouldn’t have done, but sadly the die has been cast. Yeah, you get it, right?
Anyway, don’t be forlorn pondering over it, as I’m here to help you with the same. Following are the things that one should never do on Facebook. Take a look and make a note because your “public image” is important (to you):

     Cry about your life
Well, being sad at times in life is natural and happens with everyone. But, crying about it on a social platform is highly unacceptable to other people. Yes! That’s true.

Not Diary, You Get It?

Studies have shown that people dislike those persons who constantly put statuses about how dejected they feel and are gloomy about their life and stuffs. So, if you are sad, then call somebody up and have a long talk instead of putting it on Facebook, as the latter will never heal but burn.

     Show love
Alright, Romeo and Juliet, I understand there is a lot of love between the two of you and that is good. But, have some personal space to bring it out instead of spitting it out on Facebook and eventually make other people (singles) jealous of their life.

Not Here Guys!
Well, not just the singles dislike it, but other people also feel odd in that lovy-dovy ocean of compliments, kisses, hugs and an endless list of things. Minimize it, as this effects your social reputation which has been scientifically proven through a test.

Ah! Selfies are the best way to show your washroom and your pouted face; wouldn’t disagree to it. But, what is the need to post a selfie in every 10mins?
People are already familiar with your washroom, its minor details and even your face. So, what is the need to put it over and over to harass others? Control it. This will save you from a lot of latent mockery. Not kidding.

He Is Right!

     Tagging people
Tagging is not bad if done at worthy places. But, are you nuts to tag other people in your profile picture? What do you get? 4 extra like from those 42 other people, huh? Grow up for the love of your prestige and stop committing such a sin of tagging people to senseless photos and stuffs.
Yes, I'll :P

You are smitten with a beautiful girl through her profile picture, and then you start to stalk her through any way you can. You start sending her countless messages, some pickup lines and what not? You try every tricks and tips from ‘Get your girl in 7 days’. And, eventually, what happens? She hardly replies and your whole mehnat goes in vain.

You Must Do That
Bura laga na? Harkate hi kyun patakte ho? Do not do such things on Facebook or anywhere else, as this only wastes your time and are highly unscrupulous.

Gaming request
We have a champ here who excels in various Facebook games. Alright, champ, here is the thing, send those non-gamers one more request of Farmville and they will burn your field and kill your cows. This applies for every game out there. So, do not send game requests to people who don’t play it, as that can be highly hazardous. Soochna janhit me jaari.

Yes! You Can

I intentionally put that poke-mon instead of poke, because if you do that thing to people whom you don’t know, then they sure will put you in a pokeball and send you to team rocket who would sell you out. That was too much pun.

The Nation Wants To Know The Reason

The point is; do not poke people whom you don’t know. Or even the people who don’t like it, as that irritates them. Stop doing it for the sake of your stature. Thank you.

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  1. Absolutely agreeing with your points! Thinking if 'they all' understand that we hate it!

    1. Glad to know that, Sindhu :)
      And, I wish 'they all' would get the drift through such articles. Sigh!

      Keep visiting O:)

  2. Agree with all the points here, Varun! :)

  3. this one was seriously good.. i however might be entertaining quite a few myself :P :P

    1. Thank you, Shruti :)
      Haha! You know that well :P

      Keep visiting O:)

  4. LOL ! You got almost the entire list here ! I am so sick of the candy crush requests I keep getting !

    1. I tried my best :D
      And, I can understand. These game-request issues are tough to handle -_-

      Keep visiting O:)

  5. HOW COULD YOU. I understand but how can you be on facebook and not stalk :P
    My selfies are useless now:(

    1. Seldom stalking is fine :D On the other hand, boys love getting stalked :P
      And, of course not, your selfies are never useless. It is just that, I never came across any of them till date :P

      Keep visiting O:)