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Thank you...

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“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”
― John F. Kennedy

I have finally completed (read: survived) 3 years of my college life and trust me, it wasn’t easy at all. And during this period of survival, I have got in touch with a lot of people, a lot. People who have been mates, colleagues, life savers and what not? Everybody had their own contribution in some or the other way. Few among those people are my seniors.

Too bad I couldn’t be there on the signature day, though I really wanted to be. I had a lot of things in my mind to scribble on your clothes which sadly couldn’t be possible. So, I’ve taken this time out to thank you for the part you have played in my life.

Here is a sweet short message for everyone who has made a difference in my life and with whom I feel connected in some or the other way:

Akshay Sharma sir: You have been truly delightful and a really cool guy.
P.S: Beard suits you. ;)

Abhijeet sir: You are a very passionate person who has plans for everything. You inspire a lot of people through your attitude and ever-disciplined nature. More than happy to be touch with you. Wish to stay in contact. J

Akrit Kashyap sir: It was great to be working with you in the college Editorial board. You always see the good in others and that is one of the best qualities you possess. I don’t you how you remain so calm all the time! Bdw, I wish you were present on the Farewell day.
P.S: Good that you are back on Facebook. :D

Aditi Chauhan ma’am: You are perky, frank and easy-going. Hope to stay in touch with you in the coming time as well. J

Aditya Verma sir: You are really sensible and considerate. Your wife will be really happy. Glad to have met you. J

Ankur Shrivastava sir: You are very talented and ebullient. Not to forget, notorious as well. Glad to have met you. J

Anusha Kashyap ma’am (aka Anushree Gupta): You are the 1st senior with whom I got in touch. Ever since that time you have been exceptionally amiable, considerate and a problem solver for me (and my batch). We will be in touch, I know, that goes without saying. J
P.S:  Apna name Facebook pe change karo please :P

Avni Yadav ma’am: You are an epitome of beauty and brain. Need I say more? ;)
Stay in touch!

Aarushi Upadhyay ma’am: You must be surprised to see your name on this list, isn’t it? Well, I never said that it was utterly for my current seniors, did I? And, that you did play a goody-goody ma’am part when you were here, so 1 vote of thank to banta hi he. J

Anurag Kashyap sir: Wish I could give you ‘The Problem Solver’ award. You always had some or the other solution to every problem that I used to bring to you. Also, I find you pragmatic. Mauka mila to milenge zaroor. J

Jaya ma’am: You are more like an elder sister to me than a ma’am. You are exceptionally sweet and full of potential to do anything. We share a lot of things together, like, the same locality, same college bus and I’m friends with your brother as well. We will be in touch J

Maryada Jain ma’am: Why are you so shy? Bhopalis are not shy! You have been always good to me. Stay in touch. J

Monica di: I know you since the school days. You have been an all-rounder all the time. You are very pretty and I’m sure, a lot of people must have complimented that. You have always helped me during tough times and I’m thankful to you for that. Hope to see you soon. J

Narendra Sir: Kya personality he sir aapki, seriously! We both are Thakur (yes, I’m as well), but personality wise I stand nowhere in front of you. Not just this, you are very supportive and a lovely person to interact with. Hope to stay in touch with you in the time to come. J

Namita ma’am: You are really amiable and one of my favorite seniors. Will stay in touch. J

Kshitij Sir: I simply go speechless when it comes to you. You are really frank and a masti-khoor at the same time. Hope to see you again. J

Roopal ma’am: Wish I could be as articulate as you. You are one among those people with whom I feel like ‘apna-pan’. Unlucky on my part that I couldn’t meet you before you left the city of lakes. But, my spidy senses tell me that we will meet very soon. J

Poorva Sharma ma’am: We 1st met during the farewell and ever since that time we have been in touch. I find you affable and intelligent. Delighted to have got in touch with you! J

Saransh Sir: Aapka koi ‘Saransh’ mila nhi mijhe. Isliye pura pura hi likh deta hun. You have been of a great help all the way through. Most of the Shivanis that I possess are yours. Thanks for your selfless contribution. Not just this, you are soft spoken as well. Kabhi khelte he cricket, aap, mein aur baaki ke 20 khiladi without Bagpiper soda :D

Paresh sir: You are my all-time favorite. Bas, thoda sa khafa hun, Bhopal aate ho aap and 1 bar bhi milte nhi ho. -_-
Yahi dosti, yahi pyaar? :PPP
P.S: Your treat is awaiting. :D

Pallavi di: You passed out last year and I couldn’t meet you. We have known each other since 5th grade and that binds us even more. I still remember that strange encounter near the college gate after which we reunited after aeons of years. Stay the way you are. Will be meeting very soon. J

Shahrukh Khan: Mashallah, kya height he aapki sir. Also, you are really sweet and down-to-earth. Bandiyan marti he aap pe. ;) Mazak nhi kar raha! :P
Stay in touch! J

Shreya Agrawal ma’am: We share the same school and that sure is a thing that bonds us together. Hope to see you soon. J

Snigdha ma’am: It was highly appropriate to give you ‘Ms. Graceful’ award. You truly deserve it. Moreover, you have been very helpful and of a great inspiration. Will stay in touch.
P.S: You are very shy. :P

With that being put, it doesn’t mean other people didn’t have any contribution at all. I’ve memories, though little, with almost everyone which I will savor for the rest of my life.

In the end, I would just say, there is nothing good about goodbyes if there is no certainty of meeting again. So, I would be delighted if we luckily get stumble somewhere or put up a get together in the time to come. Also, if you ever require my help, I will be more than happy to do that and vice-versa (I hope). Best wishes for the new ventures that life has in store for you. J


  1. After so long.........
    These kind of posts always bring a smile... Friends make everything and every part of the journey amazing...

    Btw, you know a person by the name of Sharukh Khan!!!!... or is that a nickname...

    1. Rightly said, friends do make a journey amazing! :)
      And, yeah, quite a co-incidence that I actually know a person with the name Shahrukh Khan.
      I even know Salman Khan :P

      Keep visiting O:)

    2. Hahahahaha
      Salman Khan also!!!!
      :-D :-D :-D
      Happen to know Aamir Khan also ;-)

    3. Haha! Well, ain't that lucky till date, but may be in the coming time, luck might actually work and I might get to meet Aamir Khan. This time original, not just the name :P

    4. Gr8! When you do... Make a movie starring them together :-P... I am dying to watch them all together :-P

    5. Sure :D That would be fun, as well as expensive to do. :P