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How I learned a necessary lesson of life?

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There have been a lot of talks about women empowerment lately all around. So, I am here to share one such incident from my childhood that taught me a lesson for life and is also connected to the same topic in one way or the other.

I was 11, or perhaps 12 in age that time. I stayed in housing board colony back in those days when that life-changing-humor-coated incident took place.

It was a summer afternoon. And one of our neighbor’s daughter was at our place. That time it was a jolly environment. Everyone can be found in everyone else’s house as if they all were family members. Sadly, this thing has changed drastically over a time now!

Anyway, she was around 8 or less, I hardly remember except for the fact that she was very young. And like every normal day, she made a visit to play around that day as well.

So, at that time I was having a bath when she entered and wandered around lifting various things from the house just to end her curiosity. My mom enjoyed her company and thus never complained or scolded her from doing anything at all.

After a few minutes when I came out of the bathroom wrapping a towel, and only that, for obvious reasons, I noticed her playing around with my favorite wind chime.

Wind chimes were pretty popular at those days. You may end up getting 3-4 pieces as your birthday gift if people wished to break a tradition of gifting lunch box and crayons. But this one was especially picked by me on some random occasion which is hard for me to recall. It looked fancy with a bit of greenish scenery on the plates of it. Golden chains enhanced its look and style. The sound of it was sober and felt good to ears. It was my favorite, no doubt. And above everything, I hated if anybody would even touch it. I was a stubborn kid back then especially for the things I loved. No sacrifice at all. No it, no but. It was my rule.

So, I could see that girl almost struggling to take that wind chain out of the hook. I got a little angry for it was my nature. But then, there was a question of humiliation if I went to stop her wrapping a towel and nothing else. I was a shy kid; very shy. I wouldn’t even open my t-shirt for a doctor to examine me in case of a checkup. That shy. After all, it was mah body, so mah rulezzz…!

Thus, I stood at a distance for a while for her to stop doing that by God’s grace because it was getting into my nerve. But only when I wished for it, she dropped it by mistake and it shattered after landing on the floor. The chains were miles apart from the case and the green fountain plate that held every chain together was on her hand as if wishing to rejoin. Sadly, nothing happened, the wind chain didn’t join again why would it? It was reality.

Another reality was that I almost lost my temper on a jiffy. I rushed towards her and so my mom after the havoc (in my terms) took place. I got first in the race and as soon I reached the spot, I did not think for a fraction of a second and slapped that little girl. I was furious and out of control.

My mom, who came second in the race, saw everything. The little girl started crying. And I immediately regretted my action. I was a kid back then but if I ever saw a girl crying I would do anything to stop her from shedding tears. I still do. And I believe everyone must do too. Not just for girls but for men too. As men cry as well.

And that day I could almost see myself crying too. Why? Because my mum was about to hit me which was evident through her face and actions.

Her right hand came like a sucker punch on my back and hit me twice. Her left palm hit my cheeks. And then came the blow that blew everything off. She hit me again and my towel dropped down. Oh my!

The girl who was continuously crying all this long suddenly stopped. Why wouldn’t she? Magic happened and I was exposed. I could see the world watching me naked and making a mockery out of it, although there were only two people.

Imagining this situation my eyes filled up. But I could not keep my palm on my face to hide my tears because something even more important was out open. So, I made the best use of my little hands and rushed towards the other room and closed it.

I cried for the next  10 mins or so. After all, I was a victim of wardrobe malfunction. I wasn’t paid too for that act. And, all this hurt a lot. So, I took notes of wearing underwear immediately after having a bath so as to avoid mishaps that involved genitals or anything of that importance.

However, amidst all this drama and exposure, I learned a very important lesson that I still carry with me. I learned not to hit a girl at all. Doesn’t matter what she has done, but never hit her. Never let go of chivalry no matter what. Of course you won’t get anything for it and maybe you would be hurt at the end. But then what good it is to be a man if you can’t be like one?



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  2. Ok oK ok OK!!!!
    imagine you with your hands trying to hide your pee and poo holes and running to the other room!!!!! HAhahahahahahhaa.... I cant stop laughing at this!!!!
    If i was that girl I would have instantly started laughing at you said "Sux to be you" :P
    I wonder if she remembers seeing your peepee and if it still haunts her! Haunting Peepee :P

    But on a serious note! You were a kid! Its ok :P

    1. Haha! That's quite an imagination. And a elaborated description as well. Thank God you weren't there that time. :P

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  3. Hi Varun! I guess its by sheer co-incidence that I too have written an article, which is the consequence of recent posts all around regarding rape and women empowerment. Though, this story clearly mentions, that even men don't like it... post hitting a woman. Being kids we use to care about the things around more than the people, so its okay but doing such things when you grow up is a complete immature act. Thanks for sharing your story it was both a good message and funny.

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  4. hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahah....................:P I just couldn't help but picture you like that..:P
    Never the less, am proud of you, for having learnt what most people don't (or dont want to..)

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