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One of my ‘wild’ fantasies!

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Fantasies are like Parle-G; almost everyone has packets of it, or at least, a packet of it for least to say. Some of those are small yet significant, while some others are just good enough to stay in the mind of the person itself because Google doesn’t allow such content to be made public so easy these days. Whatever be the case, the point is that everyone dreams of a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. Something that they want to happen in their life. It may be beyond the bounds of possibility or might be utterly feasible. But the important part is that there is ‘something’.


And am I an exception to it? I don’t think so. I too have some fantasies; good, bad, bold, whatever, I won’t disclose all of those anyway. However, I will mention one of the offbeat and my favorite one (Yes! I do keep a list of fantasies). I am eccentric. People don’t kid about me on this note for sure.

So, here is the start of my fantasy. ALERT: It is very detailed. Continue reading at your own risk. No repayment. It's free. ;)

One of my friends has invited me and my better half to his wedding reception party. He is the second one from the circle to get tied in knots of a marriage. And this has made me even happier; after all, I was getting a partner to share the post-marriage drama with.

So, we reached the venue on time when the crowd was just fine to handle during a buffet. I was in a navy blue tuxedo suit coupled with a white mandarin-collar shirt having black buttons and a white stair-cased pocket square. No tie (image below).  And, my wife is wearing a Sabyasachi saree, somewhat like the image below.

That's the suit. Almost!

We meet the lovely couple and pass them a wedding gift. Raymond Weil watch set. Get photos clicked. Exchange hugs and then come down the stage to meet other friends from the circle. Everything seemed just right.

But only then a feud gets started at the entrance. A lady was mistreated by some local goons while she was entering the venue with her 3-year-old child. Her husband was out-of-town and therefore she had to come all alone. To solve the matter the two security people at the entrance got in between. But the badass guys thrashed them to pass the message.

Thereafter those Intimidators entered the venue with hockey sticks and a pervert smile on the face. They were 8 in number. Certainly, they didn’t watch movies at all which was evident from their fashion sense. Almost every other guy wore a black jacket and a black bandana that had a skull on it, which looked almost the same. May be, they purchased it from around a few days, who knows?! Whereas, others were too lazy to put on a badass look. Thus they were in with an oversized t-shirt and blue jeans.

Anyway, they soon got into the job of intimidating people by cracking things up with their hockey sticks. Some eve-teased the ladies while others looted the money from the guests. And to do the worst, they blocked the entrance and exit completely to being in isolation. Superb! They had experience of doing such things.

When a few people tried to fight back, they were beaten till they dropped that silly idea. And that created chaos and fright everywhere to a higher level.

A few people called the police too. But that would have taken time for sure. And looking at the situation, somebody had to do something immediately.

So, only when I took a step forward to intervene, my wife grabbed my arms tightly and looked straight into my eyes as if wanting me to stay in silence. Meanwhile, my friend and her fiancé came to us. They were baffled, confused and terrified all at the same time. Only to break the horrific silence, my friend asked me, what we should do now? To which I turned my head towards him and looked deep into his fiery eyes, putting a hand on his shoulder for composure and said, ‘I will handle this. Just take care of them, pointing towards both the ladies.’

Then I started walking towards two guys, who had hockey sticks and were thrashing the set-up with it, while unbuttoning my blazer buttons. I tapped on a guy’s shoulder, he turned and bam. I punched him right on the nose. He dropped his hockey stick and ran holding his bloody broken nose.

This turned other guys’ attention towards me. They started to come towards me. Meanwhile, I kicked the second guy, who had a hockey stick too, on his sensitive area and punched his jaw. He fell down twisting to his left in a jiffy.

One guy tried to knock me off from behind, but I dodged him only to break his rib bones with my knee by twisting, lifting and aiming it at the right spot.

Then, the remaining 5 guys surrounded me. They had tongs, spatula, corkscrew, cheese and butter knife. Wonderful, they assumed me to be Sanjeev Kapoor and the place to be the set of MasterchefIndia.

I looked at all of them one by one in the eye and said, ‘This is your last chance to run; choose wisely’.

They smirked and came altogether. I grabbed the hockey stick, that the first guy whom I punched, dropped and swayed it aerially just like the straight drive shot in a cricket match. That got a guy off the list.

Now, 4 more were left. All of them came together with their stuffs. I side-kicked one of them and banged another one with a turning kick.

The kicks intimidated the other two guys so much that they stopped midway from their attack and looked at each other with disdain.

And then they tried to flee the situation only to get caught by the police at the entrance. The police arrived right on time just like a movie scene.

I dusted my blazer, buttoned it again and went to my wife. She was baffled yet happy after whatever just happened and couldn’t resist hugging me. I patted her back, like we do to a child, to soothe her.

Everybody else had a similar look of happiness and disbelief. After all, they don’t see such things happening apart from movies. But gradually, peace and tranquility was restored as the police and other staff took charge of the situation.

I was thanked for being brave and hugged by my friend to save the night for them.

I then left with my wife happily, knowing that nobody good got severely hurt.

End of story.

Now you must be either laughing out loud in disbelief or must have had already left considering the action packed performance from a chocolaty boy who has been an epitome of serenity till date. But, what if I tell you that I have even weirder fantasies on the line?



  1. That was a great piece of fantacy you penned down. Beautifully written too.

  2. Salman Khan Baba

    1. I would have preferred Akshay Kumar baba, but Salman Khan is fine too. :D