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How to keep your relationship going after graduation?

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The first year of the college is very special for everybody. It is a new start for some people and for others it proves to be a platform to carry forward their old legacy. But whatever is the case, everyone does savor it. Also, a few gets into a relationship or start to date. Others keep exploring their perfect partner to share a bond with. While another segment has come bonded from school.

Anyway, if it doesn’t happen in the first year, then possibly on 2nd, 3rd or maybe 4th; wait, 4th  year, really?! And in case, it doesn’t happen at all, then welcome to this group of singles who never mingled of which this blog’s owner is a proud member. Proud, why? You will figure out soon.

So, the thing is that you get into love in any year of the college. But now, as soon as the 4th year comes and you blink, magic happens; the year is at its end. You are about to be a graduate. Finally going to have a degree, may be a job sooner or later, will get to see new places and what not? So many possibilities and so much fun.

The good, bad, whatever 4 years are about to end with tons of memories. A lot of which you want to preserve along with the people involved in it. You want your friends (maybe just a handful) to be with you for the life ahead. And you definitely want your other half to be with you as well. In fact, you both have already named your first child in a few of the discussions in this while, right?  But all this looks shaky all of a sudden because an end to a routine is about to come. Your college life is about to end. You are going to be at home, improving your skin tone. Congrats!

But this is not what you want. You would happily accept darker shades and a few pimples at the cost of your beloved ones. Or at least for that one person for sure. But life won’t give so easily what you desire for. Every hello has a goodbye to the other side.

So, in this situation, it is hard to maintain your long lived relationship. After all, the roads are about to be diverted when your love is at its peak. Your family plannings are going to end without a court trial. Your darlo, baby,  sweeto , etc are going to part ways. And all this just gets into your nerve.

Amidst this situation of dilemma, frustration and sadness, what can you do to keep your relationship going?

Before you read any further, I would like to tell you that I am only suggesting a few points. For a detailed case study, you can send a cheque to fix an appointment. Thank you.

Anyway, how can you keep your relationship alive? Here are a few points to consider:

1.    Talk. Yes, talking can cure a lot of things. Solitude will only multiply the frustration. So, talk to each other about it. Be frank, lucid, pragmatic and considerate. This will make a way to a solution.

2.    If after talking you reach to a no conclusion stage, then either stay in a long distance relationship as long as you both can. Technology can only not make the two of you touch each other, rest is possible. Utilize it.

3.    If this seems to be tough then opt for being friends. However, this is difficult and you know it. So, think before you accept the offer. Awkward situations will sink you soon. Choose wisely.

4.    With a heavy heart, break up. Huff… *long silence* This is the only solution after everything fails. But, even if you do this, do on a good note. That will make the pain dissolve with time and you will easily accept the reality.

So, these are my free advices. You may also book me for a personal session at low prices. Summer sale.

In the end, all good things must come to an end; which ones? That you are to decide. For me, it is this post. See you soon. 


  1. Thtz sum nice piece of advice sir... Anothr mesmerizing work of urs...:-)

    1. Thank you, Janice :)
      Feels good to see your comment.

      Keep visiting :)

  2. I have to say this, this post is by far the best one I have read from you, in terms of the vocabulary and literature you used! Great Job!!! *clap clap* :D

    By the way, long distance relationship sucks... ;-(
    The craving and longing just ruins everything... although I do believe the love is stronger!

    1. Thank you :)
      And I have to admit, this comment has come at the time when I least expected it. *the praise*
      Indeed. I completely agree with line number 3.