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Book Review: The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories

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Title: The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories
Author: Ankita Sharma
Publisher: Humming Words Publishers
Pages: 135
Cost: 180 INR

About the Author
Ankita Sharma is an entrepreneur based in Faridabad (Haryana), India. She is passionate about writing, reading and sketching. Her sketch works have appeared on the cover page of a few titles. She loves nature and is fond of animals. You can read her blogs at

From the Author
In her own words, ‘This book is a small collection of eleven stories carrying various hues of emotions. While some of these are inspired from real life incidents and people, others are drawn from the free flights of my fantasy.’
She adds that the collection can be enjoyed by readers of any age group, which is totally right.

Though the design is not fancy with bold colors or alluring pictures, but it leaves a mark. The light pink color and a complimentary image of a building that signifies the perceptions of people in the society sure look sober and elegant. However, the title could have been better; may be a little simpler for the non-voracious readers to attract. But, overall, the design is good and blends well with the stories inside.

The book contains 11 stories, none of which are interconnected, but that doesn’t restrict it to make an impression. Each story represents different shades of life. From the first story ‘The Pink Card’ to the last one ‘Just Perfect’, you go on a journey full of emotions, thrill, bliss, excitement and what not? Hardly a few misses the mark by not reaching to a proper conclusion. But most of the stories leave you stunned with their originality and endings.

With 135 pages, the book is surely a quick read. The language is simple and lucid. And that makes the stories easy to understand as a whole and not just the gist of it. The book will present different perceptions and prejudices prevailing in the society which will amaze you. So, don’t wait to buy your copy. This debut work of Ankita will definitely make up for your money and time.

You can buy the book from the following sites: Flipkart, BuyBooks, Amazon.  


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