Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Do what you like because…?

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Recently, I visited a mall in Bhopal. It was evening and there was a rock show going on near the entrance. I was with a friend and we both stopped to check out the singer. He was literally good, and thus we spent some time at the place hearing him out.

Um..Not exactly my point!

Amidst the contrasting lighting, I figured out that the singer was someone I have known before. On carefully watching his face, keeping my patience and sanity intact, I figured out that he was a school junior.

We used to play football back in the days. And have even exchanged pleasantries one time recently. Honestly, I was awestruck with his voice. Trust me, I don’t praise unless I mean it completely.

In fact, his semester exams were going on that time. So, giving out such a performance in a crucial time when your exams are on the head is a big thing. I can’t really imagine myself doing that.

But, more or less, he was the man of the hour who was doing what he does best; sing.
Amidst all the glitter, glamour and singing, I was constantly in conversation with my friend who was relishing the aura, songs and what not? Everything.

Me: Yaar, banda to gajab ga raha he. Hena?

Friend: Han bhai. Talented he.

Me: Wahi to yaar. Aur mujhe hawa bhi nhi lagi aajtak. Rockstars logo se contact he mere.

Friend: Tere bagal me aaj Ambani khada he. Tujhe ye baad me realize hoga.

Me: Hao! Acha, iske papers chal rahe he. Manna padega. Tab bhi show kar raha he.

Friend: Bhai, paper waper hote rehte he. Wo sab nikal jayega. Sab pass ho jate he. Ye har koi nhi karta he. Yahi life he. Jo pasand he wo karo.

And this is the point that struck me.

Do what you like. Do as you like. Do even if nobody notices it. Just do it. (Nike, will you pay me for the ad?)

Because it makes you happy!


  1. In India, marks hai toh sab kuchh hai... which is wrong! You don't need academic marks to be a singer, you just need a voice. Anyhow, I will stay clear of this "India mein ye galat hai" speech because its too tiring and I am too lazy...

    Do what you like because you just have one life, and that too you don't know for how long!

    1. Indeed. Indeed.

      We are on the same page it seems. :)

  2. Nice have summarized the purpose of this short life quite shortly...