Sunday, 7 February 2016

A lesson on keeping secrets in life

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I hear a lot of people complaining about their secrets being spread in their circle of friends and elsewhere. The secrets which those people have to call as false rumors for obvious reasons. The secrets which they didn't share with anyone except their best friends (read: BFF).

Even Peter Parker approves it!

So, basically, they share it with nobody and the secret's out on its own, because private information has a life too. It likes to hangout with multiple people. Thus, 'rumors' are spread. Just like that. Logical reason, right?!

Let me tell you a story to explain my point better. 

There was a king who had a lot of wealth stored in some secretive place. The location of that place was only known to him. However, after his marriage, he shared the secret with his wife. Why? Because she is his better half.

Now, the king kept a weekly check on his hidden wealth. To make sure everything is intact. However, after a few months when he went to ascertain his riches, surprisingly, it was gone. He was astounded because nobody in the entire kingdom knew about its location except for him and the queen. And given that the queen wouldn't have revealed it to anybody, raised the question on the criminal's identity.

So, for investigation, he called upon Birbal. He was an intelligent man who was known for his witty solutions to complex issues. He asked for a couple of days to sort out the matter.
After a few days when he came to the darbar, he requested to talk to the king alone. The king agreed.

'I need to ask you certain questions which you might find to be out of the line. So shall I?' asked Birbal. The king agreed.

'Did you tell about the hidden treasure to anybody accept the queen?' asked Birbal.
The king thought for a second and said 'No' with conviction.

'So, do you think your wife must have done that?' asked Birbal.

The king was taken aback because he believed his beloved like anything. He wouldn't doubt her loyalty towards him. So, the king said 'No' to this answer as well without a line of doubt.

'So, now am going to tell you something which you might not like.' said Birbal and waited for the king's reaction.

The king was calm. Nothing to be cautious about, he said to Birbal.

'Your treasure cannot be found' said Birbal.

The king was shocked that even Birbal couldn't find the thief. He asked for a reason in distress to which Birbal said this:

'Your highness, I have made every attempt to find the odds, to trace the robber. I have even eliminated the obvious choices based on your answers to my questions. But, there seems to be no solution. I am sorry to say this but you should have kept the information about your treasure with yourself. It was safe then. You made a mistake to tell it to your wife. Now, I am not saying that she must have robbed you. Of course, not, but since the information was out, there was no control of it with you. You could no longer stop it from spreading by any means. Thus, the lesson here is to note that secret information should be kept to oneself. It should not be shared with anyone under any circumstances.'

The king understands his mistake and takes a life lesson from it.

The righteous quote!

Now, you too must have noted that extremely important point from the story; the basic mistake that we make in sharing our personal life with others is sharing it.

If that thing stops, I don't think there is any other way by which anybody has to worry about 'false rumors' anymore. Of course, if one has the issue of talking while sleeping, then medical help is needed. Else, the solution is free. Stop sharing information. Be it your BFF, BF or GF. Once it is leaked from your side, you have no control over it. So, keep things to yourself and stay happy.

But with that in mind, do not refrain from sharing this post. Thank you.