Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Can you have good friends at work?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 By , , 2 comments

People say it is tough to connect with people at your workplace to the level of friendship as you had in your college. An intense friendship that would stay for years to come and wouldn't die even when you switch jobs. It is hard they say and is true to a great degree.

Reason being, once you start to earn, priorities kick in. You have loans to clear, send home some share of your income, make your neighbors jealous and then there are your personal expenditures and plans to deal with, too. So all this needs proper plan and money. And we all know about our crave for getting richer with every passing day. And for the same, we need to consistently work hard.

All this is possible when you focus on the right thing which definitely doesn't leave enough time for making deeper bonds with your colleagues. So, I hope you get the idea here why people say what they say!

But what if, you connect with a few of them in that span of time. Irrespective of everything that restricts you from being friends, a bond does build up. And most importantly, you start to feel it. And this feeling increases manifolds when you get to hear that few of your friends would be drifting apart. That they will be joining another company. In short, they won’t be there with you.

At that moment you realize how much you are going to miss them. And how big of a void their leaving will create in your life. Because absence of somebody tells you a lot about them and their importance in your life. And vice-versa.

So, how to deal with such a situation?

The best way to come out of this bad sulking feeling of being left out is to avoid getting too emotional as much as possible. A fine thought has to be established at the back of the mind that people (read: friends) here, at your workplace, have different agendas.

Eventually, you all will be working at different cities with less hopes of a chai-biscuit hangout or anything of that sort. So, try not to take things to heart. It is all right if your favorite people won’t be there to create more memories in and out of the office. Also, this world is small enough for you to catch a bus and pay them a visit. Or, ask them to do the same. Thus, relax. Be happy.


  1. Friends- Cant live with 'em and cant live without 'em -_-
    They are a fucked up lot...