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Honest Indian Mindset Behind Sarahah

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I had to write about it. The craving was so high that I could not procrastinate it. Sorry laziness, better luck next time!

Sarahah! The name needs no introduction because the chances are quite high that you have already downloaded the app and have waited patiently for those ‘genuine’ appreciations and criticism (milti sabko he, but batata koi nhi he). The picture below describes exactly what I feel about it. Sorry if that hurts your feelings! *Azaad desh ke azaad nagrik ki azaad sooch he*

Now, every time, every single time, I open Facebook, what do I see? People put up the screenshot about an anonymous person who has appreciated them and they ask to get in touch with them.

Bhaiya, banda/bandi isi ka to wait kar rahe the ki kab aap unhe bolenge to get in touch. Unke uparto shraap tha iske pehle contact na kar pane ka.

Isi screenshot ko dekh ke hi to Bruce Wayne ne bhi Gordon ko apni asliyat bata di. Aur Gangadharbhi Geeta Vishwas ka isi cheez ko leke wait kar raha tha! Samjhe!

Anyway, I pondered about the mindset that drags people to follow the bandwagon and download the app. I have jotted down the same thing below in an ‘honest’ manner. My interpretation might not be as apt, but certainly, it will tickle your funny bone:

*Random person, not aware about Sarahah, opening their Facebook account*

“Chull ho rahi he, Facebook kholta hun.”

“Ye kya screenshot laga rakha he aur isme appreciation likhi he. Is bande ke liye appreciation! Hehehe!”

*Scrolls down*

“Fir waisa hi screenshot! Isme bhi jhoot”

*Scrolls further down*

“Bawa re bawa, ye chal kya raha he. Har koi wahi cheez ka screenshot laga raha he”

“Man to kar raha he ki istmaal karu. But mere sane dost fir mera mazaak udayenge ki bheed me shareekh ho gaya. Kya karun?”

“Appreciation ki apne ko bohot laalach to he. But kisi ne gaali bhej di to? Post nhi karenge public me. Hehehe. BUT, agar kisi ne koi tareef nhi kari to? Locha ho jayega!”

“Kya karun?! Bandwagon me shamil hona pasand nhi he, but laalach to ho rahi he.”

“Par kya pata koi bethi ho mere is app ko join karne ke intzaar me, tabhi wo apna pyaar kaboolkaregi mere liye. Jo itne saalo me kabhi nhi huya, is app se ho jaye. Desperation to andar bhara he hi apne me!”

“Appreciation nhi aayi to khud se hi post kar denge. Spotlight to chahiye hi!”

“Bohot pressure he yaar. Aaj tak kabhi esa chutiyapa nhi kiya. Aaj apni izzat dao pe rakhu kin hi?!”

*After not so long time*

*Posts the Sarahah’s link to social media*

Aur isi tarah bik jate he log tareefo ke lalach me!

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  1. I agree, this is what actually happening.... And the way you inked the happenings, commendable...


  2. I am glad that finally someone has written about this madness and that too with this humour and sarcasm. *impressed* 😉

    1. Thank you! :)

      Kuch badhiya sa bana ke khilana ab :P

  3. Nicely crafted Papi!

  4. Well,I can find some BB reference(don't mind,I may be wrong) but it is really good. Lalach toh hain but gotta stand out 😀

  5. I definitely comply with some points that you just have mentioned on this post. I appreciate that you just have shared some reliable recommendations on this review.

    1. Thank you for your comment. :)

      Keep visiting. :)