Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Life After You Start Working

“Bhai, kal tu college ja raha he?”
“Chal me bhi nhi jayunga fir”

Felt nostalgic, a little? I sure did.

And this brings me to the first thing you cannot do when you start working, which are such implusive emotional decisions. If you disagree, then remember the number of times you have taken an unplanned leave on a Monday?!

Due to such and many more small yet significant things, I miss the college days and I am sure a lot of you feel the same. After all, those were the days when you could take emotional decisions freely, bunk the classes without hesitation and had a group of friends called your gang who always stuck around through all your highs and lows.

However, now, after you have started working in a company, the table has turned. Performance ratings and appraisals have wiped off emotions and caged in ‘aaj kuch tufaani karte hai’ moments which were in plenty during the college days.

Now, the most tufaani moment is to get that trouser fit in, after compressing that next-to-pregnant-belly, a little, and to leave the office at 6 pm on Friday.

Also, you spend every single day thinking about making more money and using the same to find happiness, which was free back in the college days.

A lot of other changes have come as well, like back then, when you couldn’t afford a McD meal on your own, sadly now, when you can, you don’t have friends to share it with!
Also, in college, when a cup of chai with friends was enough to make our day. Now, even a team party at a lavish 5-star hotel doesn’t give that sort of satisfaction.

Honestly, no matter how many friends you make in your professional life, the place in your heart that your college buddies have can never be replaced (unless one of them went on to be your gf and then ex-gf) because, ‘Aur bhosdike, kaisa he?!’ is more pleasant to the ears than ‘Hey, how are you?!’ (unless coming from a total stranger)

At the end, am pretty sure you too had one hell of a ride this year. A lot of changes would have come, new promises made, few broken, people were left behind, certain life changing decisions would have been taken. 

In fact, a couple of your friends would have even gotten married. But all this while, even if you were not the best version of yourself. Maybe, you couldn’t commit to what you promised at the start of this year. Or perhaps, your office life is totally a lost case, believe this and just remember your college day. Maybe, it won’t fix the current situation you are in, but it would definitely break the stress and lighten the tension, which in most cases is enough to get going.

P.S: Call your college friends more often. Those people are definitely a great stress reliever. Believe this. Ciao!


  1. This was amazing. Could connect with almost every feeling you shared. Those moments were priceless and those friends were for life. I wish I could relive some of those amazing days.

    1. Thank you. I am glad the post brought back the memories of the sweet old days! :)

  2. That was truly HEART-TOUCHING!!!

  3. Singh Sahab the Great :) yes true we are not same but got some very good bros like u and patel saab

    Pramod Gurjar

    1. Indeed Gurjar sahab :)
      Har acha dost college ka nhi hota. Kuch college ke Baad bhi bante he. ;)